Sleek Flooring Trends For Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom isn’t necessarily on your priority list when it comes to renovation. Since we generally don’t upgrade the bathroom as often as another part of our homes, it is therefore important to get the flooring that will last and which you love.

Here are some of the flooring trends you can consider.

Expensive Stone

Expensive stone may mean a large budget. But for a small bathroom, this provides the ideal solution, as it offers the ideal budget for a small space. You can easily opt for flooring from one of the most costly materials, a choice you can’t make use of in another living space. For example, you can consider lava stone. Lava stone bought, especially from the volcanic slopes of Italy and France, is the ideal choice. They are hardened, causing much depth to the bathroom and being both water and stand – proof, making it functional too.

Inventive Tile Lay Patterns

Another one of the bathroom design ideas that are on a trend is the inventive tile lay pattern. There are three steps to this tile design. You would need to opt for reticular tiles over square ones. You would also need to integrate two or three different colors of the tiles. You will need to tile them in a slanted manner in place of horizontal tiles. You can easily play around with the color combinations of rectangular tiles or even the choice of tile itself. You can make use of unique lay patterns, for they will instantly uplift an average bathroom, to an eclectic version.

Eco-friendly Floors

While aesthetic appeal will also be a requirement, sustainable architecture is also in demand. There are many options to choose from, especially in terms of sustainable raw materials in miniature home accessories to the bricks in huge architectural projects. This has given rise to eco-friendly home trends that have become common. Linoleum or corks are two such materials that offer the ideal solution, as they both waterproof and durable. You can easily incorporate them into your bathroom’s wet areas. Moreover, the difference in the texture between these two choices and the different areas will pack in a neat punch.

Solid Prints

Exuberant prints such as florals or zebra stripes, offer an exciting aura to a specific space. However, over time, you may get bored with it. But instead of restricting yourself to one color, you can easily opt for solid prints to complement your choice of exuberant prints. You can opt for a complementary shade of color or a neutral color that can be combined with your choice of print. This will enliven your bathroom and keep it grounded at the same time.

You can now apply the latest trend of flooring to your bathroom as long as it is safe, waterproof and stylish!

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