7 Quick And Easy Ways To Decorate Your House On A Budget

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If you have just moved in or just bored of the actual decoration, then this blog is for you! Many times, home buyers are confused on how to decorate any space in their home. Diving into home decoration can be intimidating, but with a little help (ie me!), it will be simple, quick and easy!



So here it goes!

1. Rearrange your space first
Start by rearranging your furniture in a way that will look aesthetically pleasing and spacious. Remember the design you want and apply it to the décor. Instead of buying a furniture that will take up more space, opt for space-saving furniture. With a limited budget, you can always try the flea market or a resale!

2. Give your lamps an upgrade
If you have an outdated lamp (we all do), then upgrading it to a new version is totally acceptable. How to do it? Just removing the shade part and create some DIY effects around the lamps! Ta-da, you now have a new lamp that is totally into the new décor!

3. Renovate the flooring
If you have a boring carpeted flooring in your home since you first moved in or just an old carpet that was passed on by your wife’s mother, then renovating it might be just the thing to do. Removing a carpet tile will require just strength and some handymen to help you out! You can either choose to redecorate it with tiles or parquet that will totally fit your budget.

4. Remove pillows and cushions
Pillows and cushions are the perfect cuddling partners but when it comes to redecorating your home, then these cuddling partners should be ‘diminished’. The lesser the more space you have. Whether it is on your bed or on the sofa, the lesser cushions there is the better it is.


5. Try some DIY art
If you have a budget to respect, then DIY must be included in your list! DIY helps you save money. You can create whatever you like using things that are easily available at home or just buy a few hardware at cheap prices.

6. Add a statement wall
Always focus on creating the best décor to make your home look different. You can add a statement wall that is going to change the way your room looks to every visitor. You can also opt for removable wallpapers.

7. Focus on window treatment
Always consider your room as a photo and the windows as its frame. Consider changing the window frame to give your windows a completely new look. You can also use colorful curtains or blinds to enhance the beauty of your windows.


So what are you waiting for?

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