Navy Blue, Style and Modernity for the Office Corner

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With the trying time, we live in, working at home has become the new normal. With the on and off lockdowns, most of us who have office jobs had to convert our bedroom into a multipurpose space, especially in condos or apartments. 

Our home has become a one-stop-shop with everything we had to do in them because of the pandemic, and I can personally tell you that I had to separate my bedroom from my home office because it was getting too much. I was feeling suffocated by my work. 

Thankfully, my roommate and I work for the same company, and we decide to run our living room into our communal office space and decide to leave our bedroom as our private space because you need to separate the two to stay sane these days.

Blue is the most beloved color in the world. This color is reminiscent of the sky and the sea in the West, of calm and softness. Loved in any shade, blue can set the mood in any house room. Today, this article will guide you on how to use this color in your office.

How do you adopt blue inside a home?


There is no shortage of decorating ideas with blue with such an easygoing color. Depending on the shade selected, it can dress up one wall or all four walls of a room. Many people also opt for blue furniture: sofa or armchairs. Have you covered the floor and wall in blue? Why not bring out the decor with a camel armchair?

Moreover, blue decorative objects are in profusion on the market. Just choose textiles of the same color to dominate this trendy color in office space: curtain, cushion, carpet, chair cover, etc. Then, complete the decoration of your room with wall accessories like a wall organizer, frames, etc.

To create an intimate atmosphere, painting the ceiling of the room is also a great idea. You don’t have to paint the entire ceiling but simply outline a portion of the room. This idea is suitable for an office with a high ceiling.

What color does blue go with?

Blue is a good color choice for an office because it facilitates all intellectual effort and creativity. The great thing about this option is that it goes with a wide range of cool and warm colors. Moreover, combining the different shades of blue already offers a marine atmosphere to the room. To bring dynamism to a room, here are the other colors that will easily match with blue:


No matter what the variation of this color, it always goes with blue. They are a perfect match, especially if you love strong contrasts.



Blue and white are a classic duo in the world of interior design. Appreciated by the majority, they will not mislead you. If you plan to paint the walls blue, don’t hesitate to illuminate them with pure white. It is, in fact, recommended not to paint the wall entirely blue.

Yellow or green

The combination of blue with light shades simply inspires freshness and tone in a room. This helps to give a dynamic look to your office. Besides, yellow plays on creativity and brings calmness to a room.

Neutral color

Blue can easily be in harmony with white, beige, and ecru. The result is simply natural. To not have an office entirely in blue, these colors go unnoticed. Natural colors such as chocolate combine perfectly with turquoise blue tones. They give a modern look to a room. In addition, neutral colors provide concentration to the office user.

Wholesale hue and blue-gray

If you want to be soothing, go for blue or green. As for those who embrace the Scandinavian decorating style, blues-tinged with gray will fix things. These colors simply make your office look refined and elegant. Gold or silver accents

Gold or silver touches


The gold or silver touch can sublimate the blue color. Take advantage of this because brass and copper are currently in vogue.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you want to learn more about turning your home into your new office place, and this is especially needed right now with the surge of the delta variant in the country. Get vaccinated and stay safe. 

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