The Advantages of an Aluminum Veranda

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The aluminum veranda is famous among users; it has several advantages, such as the diversity provided and the aluminum material, which fits all veranda forms. Even better, aluminum is also a material that offers a wide range of color options. Different finishes can give depth and velvetiness to the color you choose: glossy, matte, grained, textured, and of course, metallic colors. Aluminum requires little maintenance because it does not rust. Its repair is easy since the assembly of the structure allows to change only the damaged part. This material is also used for its lightness and strength.

Disadvantages Encountered

The aluminum veranda also has disadvantages. It does not provide excellent thermal insulation. It is a material that conducts cold and heat i.e., the cold that acts on the exterior part of the veranda is transmitted to the interior region. However, progress has been made on this point; the structures of aluminum verandas are now equipped with thermal breaks. The thermal break separates the two parts by an insulating material to avoid this temperature transfer. This system considerably improves the performance of verandas made from a material with little insulation like aluminum.

Opensun, an Innovative Concept

A new concept based on a technological innovation called OPENSUN concerns verandalists. It is a patented concept that allows a complete opening on the outside (walls and roof), it allows to benefit from a space entirely in the open air. The qualities of aluminum, such as its solidity, aesthetics, non-magnetic, non-toxic, aesthetic, and recyclable, are undeniable assets for this concept.

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