Why Choose Waxed Concrete for Your Kitchen

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– Introduction to waxed concrete

 – Laying waxed concrete in a kitchen

 – Installation of a waxed concrete kitchen

– Conclusion: waxed concrete is ideal for the kitchen

Introduction to waxed concrete

Aesthetic, comfortable, insulating, and easy to maintain, waxed concrete comes in various colors and finishes and is the ideal covering for a trendy kitchen. 

Laying waxed concrete in a kitchen

 It is possible to have waxed concrete in a kitchen from floor to ceiling. But first and foremost, make sure that the room is sufficiently lit to avoid the impression of reducing the living space.

 Therefore, it is essential to choose a light color, especially if the kitchen could be more brightly. 

 The bare cement should be white so that the added pigment can appear and give a particular light to the kitchen.

It is possible to use two colors if the kitchen is light in colors:

 – one will be darker on the floor;

 – the second lighter will be applied to the walls to contrast with the floor.

 Waxed concrete in a kitchen is the coating par excellence for easy maintenance and can be considered for a modern and designed worktop.

 Fitting out a waxed concrete kitchen

Why Choose Waxed Concrete for Your Kitchen

 The atmosphere

 All hypotheses are allowed for the choice of an atmosphere. For instance, you can place stamped or printed concrete on the walls, which will give a rustic aspect while retaining its easy maintenance aspects.

 In this sense, you will be careful to have waxed concrete on the floor to give the kitchen a satin note while giving it a contemporary touch.

 If the worktop is central, choose a design ambiance instead of combining light gray waxed concrete with glass and wood. This harmonious mix of materials will give your kitchen a unique note reflecting your personality.

 The furniture

 When installing stamped concrete (imitating exposed stones, for example), you can choose rustic furniture made of light wood to give a warm style.

You can select wall-mounted tall units with opaque glass doors if you have chosen a more designer style so that you can’t see the dishes in the cupboard. 

You can consider the following:

 – The structure of the furniture will be in white wood.

 – Cupboard doors can be made of brushed steel, for example.

 The textiles

 Here again, all the choices are available to you:

– Do not hesitate to bring out red and white checkered tablecloths and napkins if you have opted for a partially rustic kitchen.

You can consider plain kitchen linens in bright colors to contrast with the furniture and the gray of the waxed concrete if you have opted for a contemporary kitchen.

 In any case, keep the color that composed the pigment and color the waxed concrete for perfect harmony.


To conclude, waxed concrete in the kitchen is ideal, first for its aesthetic side, especially for its maintenance, which is very practical.

 Kitchen furniture lines have adapted to this material to harmonize the decoration, whether contemporary or classic.

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