How To Dress Up My Windows On a Budget?

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We often think that doors and windows are only practical and necessary for our lives due to their valuable functions. But doors and windows not only open but can also be admired as original works of art. Let’s check some of the ways you can decorate your windows! If you look closely, each window can rightly be compared to a mini work of art.


When decorating a plastic window that opens outside the house with plastic foam, the customer often has many technical problems with installing, joining and installing window decoration elements. The first and most basic question is what material is best applied to decorate the exterior window. For many years, our facade foam products prove their practicality, lightness, aesthetics, durability, and, most importantly, the best price-performance ratio. Therefore, styrofoam polystyrene is the best material for window covering with decoration. In the examples below, you can see a significant difference between trimming windows with your own hands (manually) and products made from plastic foam in production conditions. You have surely seen many houses with rectangular frames around the windows; this is the easiest and therefore the cheapest way to decorate the door of the house. But such a window design cannot be compared with our window decoration items.

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The second main question about the decorative finish of the windows is at what stage of the insulation the installation of the facade elements is carried out. And also if the facade is lined with tiles or facing bricks. Our architectural elements are light, so it is unnecessary to leave installation sites without insulation, produce additional mounting fortifications, etc. Therefore, the decoration of the facade of the foam in the window opening is mounted on the insulation of the draft rule to finish the walls. If the exterior walls of bricks or cladding tiles, the decor elements are mounted on top.

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And the third main issue when facing windows is installation, bonding, trimming, slopes. What to do with the slopes of the window opening on the facade, how the window decoration is combined with the slope decoration, how the window decoration and the slope are mounted, what adhesives are used when mounting the decoration of the window facade, where to get the mounting scheme of the cornerstone on the window facade, how to flatten the arched window decoration natural elements, when the metal is placed on the window sill in the presence of decoration, how do the decorative details of the window frame fit together? The professionals can answer all these questions at Persianas y Cortinas! They specialize in blind installation and offer a stunning variety of window treatments in Miami.

In the design of the window opening outside the house, such elements of facade decoration are used :

  • Window molding
  • Windowsill
  • Top of the window
  • Front brackets
  • Cornerstone

Below are some of the most common window opening designs on the front of the house. The basic shapes, the geometry of the window decoration with the molding, the window sill, the upper part of the window are shown. You can see the partial or complete framing of the molding opening. Options for using the additional top profile for visual changes in the height of the window opening. Several options for the curly shape of the upper part of the window. The use of decorative elements such as a cornerstone, support, pilaster elements, semi-columns on the facade of the window.

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One of the few methods of decorating window openings is the combination of several windows with facade decoration made of polyethylene foam in a single composition according to the general concept of the exterior decoration of the facade of a house. If you need a window design outside, you can see several ready-made solutions on the next page, examples of finishing window openings in which you can easily decide your own design preferences. Window finish is an important parameter that allows the windows to be more durable and aesthetic for others. Decorative windows on the outside can give the whole building a finished and original look.

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