Why Call upon an Interior Architect?

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The interior architect is a qualified professional who designs and realizes interior spaces. He works with individuals (houses and apartments) and professionals (offices, restaurants, shops). Follow all our advice to choose him well, based on his diplomas, affiliations, books, and essential guarantees. 

Note: an interior decorator is a specialist in interior decoration and design. No training is required to practice this profession. 

Choosing an interior architect

His role

The mission of the architect extends from the layout of an interior to its restructuring. He rethinks volumes, colours, materials and furniture. He can completely transform an interior by redefining how partitions are arranged or the covering used. 

You can also call upon an interior architect to create a new surface if the total floor area (extension + existing) does not exceed 150 m². 

The interior architect can manage the administrative procedures with the town halls (declaration of work file, PRM accessibility, sign modification request, etc.) and act as an intermediary for all the craftsmen he will have to call upon, in the manner of a project manager.

Attention: the interior architect is not trained to work on new construction or heavy renovations. Likewise, he is not authorized to sign building permits. In these cases, you must call upon an architect who holds the state architect diploma and the habilitation to exercise work control in his name or an authorized government architect. 

His missions

Interior Architect

From the conception to the realization and the follow-up of the works, the intervention of an interior architect passes by several independent stages, which can be cumulative:

    – The inventory of fixtures. The first mission of the interior architect is to inform himself about your needs. Then, he makes a measurement and a plan of the existing situation to realize a project to measure.

    – The conception of space. The interior architect designs a project in sketches (with plans and drawings), considering your needs, technical constraints and standards.

    – The elaboration of plans. From this stage, the interior architect draws the plans, sections, elevation and 3D in detail. The choice of materials, furniture and lighting is made. At the same time, he has the task of putting together the administrative files to obtain all the necessary authorizations for the construction site.

    – The mission of the project manager. Once the project is validated, the interior architect consults the companies for future works. He organizes, pilots, and then coordinates the reception of the building site.

The qualities of a good interior architect

The qualities to expect from an interior architect are numerous. He must listen to you to be able to create a truly customized project. Be sensitive and creative to imagine a unique space. To be rigorous and technical to meet your needs, the standards and the constraints of the project. And finally, to have a perfect knowledge of materials, building and the various trades involved in the project.


When you have found an interior architect, consult his achievements and references on his website. And ask to see his portfolio, which gathers the projects he has already realized. This will give you an idea of his creativity and taste. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your acquaintances or artisans to recommend an architect to you. Nothing beats word of mouth!

Good to know: some modern architects specializing in ecological design can suggest materials that generate less pollution and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).


A contract must be signed between the customer (you) and the project manager (the interior architect). It summarizes the rights and duties of each party and validates the fees. It will be your reference throughout your exchanges with the latter.

This contract is not regulated, but you will find standard contracts to download from the local authorities.

Fees of interior architects

The fees of an interior architect are not regulated. They can be calculated by the hour for simple advice or minimal intervention. Count then between $100 and $200 per hour.

For a more substantial intervention, the fees are based on a percentage of the total amount of work. Count between 10% and 15%, depending on the surface and the complexity of the volumes.

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