How Much Does It Cost To Install a Walk-in Shower?

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For many reasons, installing a walk-in shower will appeal to you: practicality, aesthetics, easy access, etc. The Italian shower is even suitable for people with reduced mobility because of its configuration level. But, how much can the installation of a walk-in shower cost? The answer is below.

The Price of the Different Elements of the Italian Shower

The installation price includes the cost of the various accessories that make up the Italian shower. Here are the main ones.

The Floor Covering

In the case of a renovation, it is best to opt for an extra-flat shower tray. For its installation, you only need flexible support or polystyrene. Moreover, the extra-flat shower tray is placed on the floor and is already equipped with a drainage system. It is an accessory that comes in several shapes, colors, finishes, and sizes. Count between 150 and 600 € depending on the model you have selected.

In the case of new construction, it is better to opt for an Italian shower without a shower tray. It will help if you lay a screed to accommodate the tiles. The tiles are small and rectangular, limiting the risk of slipping in the shower. However, other models are available depending on your taste and budget. For the installation of an Italian shower without a shower tray, you should expect to pay between 50 and 150 € per m².

The Shower Screen

You are free to install a shower screen or not. However, to keep the room warm and limit the risk of splashing, it is better to install a shower screen. On the one hand, there is a simple, transparent glass wall. It allows you to have an open view of the whole room. As for the shower door, choose a swinging or side-opening model. This type of Italian shower screen costs around 200 to 600 €.

On the other hand, there is the corner wall or the cabin. It serves as both a partition and an entrance door for the Italian shower. This wall is available in opaque, silk-screened or transparent glass. Its price varies between 250 and 600 €.

The Shower Column

The shower column is one of the main elements of the Italian shower. Its price varies according to the model. In the case of a simple shower column, count between 50 and 150 €. This price already includes a fixed and flexible shower head or a single fixed shower head. You must therefore plan an additional budget for the installation of the mixer.

In the case of a shower column with a mixer, it is around 200 €. It already includes a flexible head, a fixed head, and a mixer. To optimize the comfort in your bathroom, choose the hydromassage shower column. Its characteristics are the same as the shower column with a mixer, the only difference being that it is equipped with massage jets. On average, you need to budget 450 € to buy this type of shower column.

The Mixer

The mixer is another essential accessory for the Italian shower. A simple model allows you to adjust the water to the right temperature. It costs around 50 to 75 €. To limit the risk of burning, it is better to choose the thermostatic mixer. Its price is about 50 to 100 €.

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The Price of the Actual Installation of the Italian Shower

Considering the above information, the price of the installation of the Italian shower is around 1 000 €. This price is likely to change depending on the complexity of the work. The labor for a simple project is between 600 and 900 €. You should expect to pay between €2,000 and €5,000 for labor for a complex task.

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