Choosing the Right Color for Your Kids’ Room

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Concerned parents want to find the right paint color for their kids’ rooms. So, here are some colors that will never fail to work wonders in your kids’ sex toys
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Gentle Purple

Gentle PurpleThere was a time when purple was a “hated hue.” The color exists barely in nature and yet people used to show a strong dislike for the color because it was linked to death. Purple was used to represent the color for mourning. In some countries, it was considered disrespectful and unlucky to wear purple if you are not attending a funeral. In Thailand, for example, widows would always wear purple while mourning the death of their spouse. At one point, purple was called the “color of evil” and was frequently associated with forbidden and unnatural magic.

However, today things have changed and purple now represents royalty, wisdom, pride, creativity and grandeur. The theme of the color is to always stay strong and keep moving ahead. This is the reason why experts recommend parents to add purple to their kids’ rooms.

In a psychological sense, purple is said to have a calming effect on both the mind and body, therefore putting kids in the right place for introspection and focused insight. Another beneficial effect of purple on the human brain is that it fosters creativity. Purple could therefore be a great addition to kids’ rooms as it can enlighten, inspire, uplift and encourage them.

If you want to remodel and transform your kid’s old and outdated room into a serene kid getaway, choosing gentle purple could be a great option.

Here is the statement of Campbell Minister of Decorated Interiors:

“Parents hear purple and may cringe. However, there are some lovely tones that will stand the test of time as a child ages.”

Aqua Blue

Aqua BlueDo you like blue? Do you want to choose blue for your kid’s room? Well, you are not alone.

Like you, a majority of people would choose blue as their favorite color. According to a survey carried out in several countries across four continents, it turns out that blue is mankind’s favorite hue. Since blue is always associated with the sky and water, it sparks positive and refreshing feelings for many. While for some, blue symbolizes royalty, confidence, wisdom and intelligence, for others, blue represents trust, faith, loyalty and inner peace. In fact, lovers of blue say that the color inspires them to be more reliable, responsible and trustworthy. They seem to be more disciple and more mature when they are surrounded by the color blue.

Similarly, experts believe that when kids are surrounded by this popular hue, they will have a serene spirit. In general, blue has a stimulating effect on the brain, which can stimulate clear thought in kids. Soft and bright blue shades like qua blue can calm kids’ minds and aid concentration.

So, if you are looking for a color that would have positive effects on your kid, you’ve got to choose aqua blue. As per Phyllis Taylor of Taylor & Taylor, “In a space designed for children, aqua blue works well as it’s energetic and gender neutral.”

Sage Green

Sage GreenWhat comes to your mind when I say “green?”

Tropical rainforests? Brussels sprouts? Green tea?

For many people, green has a strong connection with nature and thus brings to mind big trees, dark jungles and lush grass. This is why the color is said to make people feel rested and secure. Since the color green is often linked to peace of mind, positive thinking and refreshment, many hospitals have incorporated the color green in their buildings and offices to put patients at ease.

Implementing the color green in your kid’s room is said to result in positive cognitive outcomes like improved memory, positive thinking and problem-solving. According to color psychology, this hue is also linked to enhanced creativity and has the power to brighten people’s emotions.




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