Attic Bedroom: Design and Decorating Tips

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The comfort of the attic bedroom

Colours to adopt for an attic bedroom

Choosing the furniture for an attic bedroom, decorating tips

The attic bedroom is often one of the most attractive spaces in the house. It has an exceptional charm because its configuration gives it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This space is often underutilized, but it can save the place precious square meters while adding a lot of character. Creating a bedroom under the roof adds value to your home and allows you to make additional space without enlarging it. There are many decorating possibilities for a bedroom under the top, and nothing prevents you from creating the room of your dreams, no matter what decorative style you adopt. We tell you everything in this post.

The comfort of the attic room

The disadvantages of an attic room are the lack of light, thermal comfort (if the room is poorly insulated, the room can quickly be too hot or cold) and a space with a low ceiling, which can be embarrassing for a tall person. For insulation and light, solutions exist.

Insulation of the room under the roof

First, before installing a room under the roof, you must ensure the space is comfortable because a room that is too cold in winter or hot in summer is where you do not want to stay. The area must be well-insulated since a well-insulated attic is a protected attic.

Good to know: the roof is the surface most exposed to the sun’s rays, so efficient insulation is necessary.

You can choose between several solutions:

  • Mineral wools (glass or rock wool) are the most frequently used.
  • Expanded or extruded polystyrene is insensitive to humidity.
  • Polyurethane foam is very efficient and not very thick.
  • Vegetable wools (wood fibre, hemp, linen) also have thermal and acoustic properties.

Light in the attic room

A contribution of light is essential to create a room under the roof. But, most of the time, the spaces under the roof are cramped, and they lack natural light. The best solution to bring light is to make an opening in the ceiling, which allows light to penetrate the initially dark room.

On the other hand, to compensate for the low level of luminosity, the choice of lighting is crucial:

Direct lighting: suspension, recessed ceiling spotlight, table lamp, floor lamp, etc.

Indirect lighting: recessed spotlight, wall lamp, lighted object, a string of lights, etc.

Attention: authorization from your town hall is essential for creating an opening in the roof.

Colours to adopt for a room under the roof

Walls of the attic room

Attic Bedroom

For the colour of the walls, opt for light colours, since the weak point of a room under the roof is often its poor light contribution. Thus, light colours will make the space appear larger and brighter; white and light colours retain and reflect more light than dark colours.

For example, white or pastel yellow is a very effective shade to make the room look more airy and spacious.

You can also play with colour on a single wall. In this case, it is better to paint the wall located on the width of your room and in a colour that contrasts with the colour of the other walls. This trick also allows you to enlarge the space visually.

Tip: if you are afraid of having a space that is too white, don’t hesitate to play with coloured accessories (cushions, plaid, bed linen, etc.).

Bedroom ceiling under the roof

The ceiling can make the room look tiny and cramped.

The solution to minimizing the slope is to deceive the eye so that not all views are directly on the ceiling. To do this, choose a lighter shade than the rest of the room or go for a monochrome. This monochromatic effect minimizes the occurrence of the sloping roof, with the ceiling connecting to the rest of the room.

Good to know: painting the walls and ceiling the same light colour gives the impression of a larger space, while darker ceilings can sometimes make the room more oppressive.

Choosing furniture for an attic bedroom, decorating tips

To arrange the space of an attic room, avoid overloading the room. Choose small furniture; the furniture should always be on the scale of the room.

For example, if it is a small bedroom under the roof, it is better to make a minimalist decoration with furniture that does not take up much space.

In addition, furniture that has the same shade of colour as the walls can create more open spaces. So opt for light furniture.

On the other hand, attics lose a lot of space in terms of storage. The room’s corners are often left unused because the ceiling height prevents a person from moving around. Put cabinets, closets or shelves in these non-functional areas to gain storage space. This will free up space in the middle of the room and will not waste space with a ceiling height above 1.80 m. Integrated furniture is also a good solution.

The bed is the main furniture for a bedroom, which can quickly take up space in an attic room. The bed is often placed under the roof window to take maximum advantage of natural light. To highlight the bed and open up the space, arranging it according to the light is recommended. Choose a bed with a small footprint and a simple headboard to maximize space.

Note: you can use the wall against which the bed is leaning to create a headboard with paint or wallpaper, which will save space.


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