A Solid and Waterproof Roof

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The home is the space where we spend most of our time. It is also the place where we feel most secure. It must therefore be designed in such a way as to confer this feeling of serenity. For that, its modeling must imperatively follow strict rules to guarantee its solidity and comfort. All structure parts, including the roof, must protect their occupants from external conditions.

Framing Work

The frame is a reinforced base that supports the roof of a house. Made of different materials, especially wood, it guarantees the solidity of the structure. It also serves as a support for the interior insulation of the roof. The frame is to the house’s roof what the skeleton is to the human body.

The Roofing

This is the structure that will be placed on top of the frame. It is the external, and therefore visible, part of the roof. The roofing installation requires a certain meticulousness; it is the part most exposed to the bad weather. Therefore, it must be watertight enough not to fail and compromise the comfort inside. The consumer canroofin have various options regarding the material to be used. Its aesthetic design must also be considered to give charm to a house.

Insulation Work

Insulation consists of storing insulating materials on the walls of a house. It allows reinforcing its waterproofness against external conditions. Insulation also stabilizes the interior temperature, thus reducing energy consumption.


Roofers are professionals who specialize in the design of roofs. They carry out the installation of the framework, the structure of the cover, and the insulation work. They make sure that all the parts are installed correctly. With proven experience in this field, they can work with different roofing materials such as tiles, slates, or steel. The finish is meticulous, combining practicality, solidity, and elegance.

They can also work to refurbish an old or damaged roof. Under the effect of time and bad weather, the roof’s materials degrade, repairs are thus necessary to restore their appearance and solidity of former days.

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Siding is all the work done to cover the exterior of a house. In addition to roofing, roofers also take care of different jobs. For example, they can clad the walls. This installation is at the same time a decorative element and external insulation. The customer will also choose the type of material used (wood, zinc, PVC…).

The Extension of a House

The desire to have a larger space can fascinate us for many reasons. Here again, these professionals can intervene by carrying out extension work. This procedure can be done by adding new rooms or by raising the height of the house: by adding one or more extra floors. Thanks to their know-how, the junction of the latest and the old structure will be smooth.

An Accompanying Measure

The builder makes sure to accompany his customer during all the project stages. Before the work is carried out, visits are made to establish a feasibility assessment. Then, it assists the consumer in all the administrative steps necessary to regularize the construction. After everything is in order, he will establish a plan and an estimate; and eventually, begin the work if it suits his client.

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