Fences and Enclosures: A Matter of Savoir-Faire

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Although when you hear the word fence, you think of the typical fence for decks or metal fences to separate spaces or properties, the truth is that today they have many more uses. That’s why today we want to tell you about the different types of fences available on the market.

Where to Make a Fence?

The first thing to do is to see in which areas it is optimal to make a fence and why. There are multiple places where they can be installed to serve various functions. The most common?

– Property fences: Ideal for separating your plot from the rest of the urbanization or from the street itself. In many urbanizations with common outdoor space, first floor entrances are very visible to neighbors if a fence is not installed. You will gain 100% privacy and tranquility.

– Fences for terraces: In your city the weather is very bad, you can’t enjoy the terrace as much as you would like? Your house is small and you want to gain useful meters? To solve these two issues, terrace fences are the best option. Enclose your deck and integrate it into an existing room to make it bigger, or enclose it to enjoy it any time of year.

Enclosures in home and office interiors: Transparency is in. And not just figuratively. Open spaces are increasingly being brought inside, both in private homes and offices. And that’s because glazed spaces indoors have many advantages. For one thing, they give the impression of more space, and if they are placed in offices, you can easily control that no one takes a forbidden nap (among other things, of course).

What Types of Fences Are There?

Now that you’ve seen where to place fences, it’s time to see what types of fences exist and which ones are best for each case.

Boxes with Sliding Doors

They are widely used by interior designers in new constructions and renovations, because they are very aesthetic and practical: they are glazed, take up very little space thanks to their thickness and do not obstruct the passage, which allows you to place furniture next to the window.

Folding Closures

Flexible and dynamic, these closures make it possible to connect two previously separate areas 100%, giving the impression that nothing separates them.

This is possible thanks to its structure of folding sheets, which are on one side when put together and take up little space. They give a lot of play in the creation of spaces and in the usefulness of one for the other. They allow privacy in some occasions, and in others they turn them into open spaces for a greater amplitude of the house or premises.

Sliding Fences

Vertical Bar Cantilever Sliding Gates; Metal Gate (Steel & Iron) from  Tonbridge Fencing | Gate design, Sliding gate, House main gates design

In this type of fence, the leaves slide towards one of the ends of the guides, being folded perpendicularly. They are widely used on the terraces of houses, restaurants or hotels, due to their hermeticity and soundproofing capacity when closed.

Winter Gardens

If you want to give your home a special touch, opt for a conservatory. This is the complete enclosure of a porch, both on the roof and on the sides. They are usually fully glazed or have large windows, so you can see the outside from the inside. Your new living room will be beautiful and very relaxing if you choose this solution.

Glass Curtains

Glass curtains are the latest trend in fencing. They are used to enclose partially enclosed structures (like a porch or deck) with sheets that do not have any type of profile or finish. A simple and plain glass.

It’s very aesthetically pleasing since, visually, there’s absolutely nothing standing between the exterior and interior. Of course, you have to be careful! If they are very clean (which they must be to do their aesthetic function properly), it is likely that you or the birds will crash into the glass if you are not careful.

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