5 Interior Design Rules That We Need To Go By!

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It is in fact hard to put a beautiful space together without applying those rules in real. Decorating is all about the sense of style, the proportions, and design rules that are equally important. Decor does not mean that everything needs to have a price but everything needs to look perfect and in unison with everything else in the room. Though some people do believe that rules are meant to be broken but in designing, it’s not like that! There are some gold rules that are meant to be followed and put into action.

  • Choose a hero – While designing, there should be a hero or the main focus should be on something that will surprise and make an impact. Whether it is a piece of furniture in a bold color, a fabulous rug, a work of art or a feature wall, it should be something that will awe everyone. The main focus should be on something as such that will steal the limelight and when looked at people should fall in love with it. No matter what it is, just remember that it needs space to breathe.
  • Hang it right – If you want to hang artwork or a beautiful painting, be sure to hang it properly in the center line in order to create a sense of harmony. It is the general rule that the center of the artwork should be at an eye level. Though, we know that rules are made to be broken, here is how you can break it. Choose a featured picture wall and have it installed as per the rule then have small pieces added around it to create a sense of togetherness.

  • Fake height – If you happen to have low ceilings, then choose low profile furniture such as sofas and coffee tables to create an illusion of room height. You can add tall and slim bookshelves that draw the eye upwards. This makes the walls and windows appear taller. You can also try to mix different heights in this way as it will also help create a relaxed vibe in your home. To increase the illusion of more space, paint the walls, skirting boards, and ceiling in the same color.
  • Mix up shapes – To create harmony among everything, it is better to have a room where you can find all shapes. For example, you can have a round mirror to break up all those straight lines in a bathroom or you can have a squared carpet if your coffee table is round. Large mirrors are preferred as they make a real statement and can visually enhance the sense of space in small bathrooms.
  • Take a step back – To see if your room needs more, take some steps back and see the room as a whole. Viewed from a distance makes it easier to see what needs to be replaced, added or removed.

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