Why Opt for a Scandinavian Interior Design?

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Scandinavian designs are aimed at creating cozy vibes inside a home, no matter how cold and nasty the weather is outside. The concept began at the end of the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution brought people to bring beauty and simplicity with functionality. It gained momentum over the past few years, notably through the Danish style; Hygge. The main idea behind interior design is to feel good in it.

Here are a few core aspects to consider when opting for a Scandinavian interior.

Simplicity, affordability, and elegance

Baroque and Rococo concepts are anathema to the Scandinavian philosophy of simplicity. Life is simple, so why complicate it with heavy ornamented furniture? Scandinavians would instead suggest minimalist designs, whereby furniture tends to be lighter, mobile, and fulfills more than one function. Minimalism creates a spacious home interior without elegance. Since a Swedish manufacturer became well-known for affordable design furniture, Scandinavia proved that interior design is accessible to a majority.

Earthy colors and luminosity

Scandinavians are very down to earth. At first sight, the icy weather in Scandinavia is always a source of animosity among many of us. Still, Scandinavians manage to embrace it. This ethos is distinguished in their interior designs, whereby they adopt beige, brown, black, and white colors, which perfectly enhances luminosity in a room. When it comes to lighting, Scandinavians tend to pare drapery from windows, making the most of day-light. Otherwise, light fabrics like linen are used as curtains.

Nature as part of interior design

Scandinavians love their outdoors, and it is not surprising to come across pieces of greenery all over their homes. You will stumble over potted plants in every corner, and even flowers on the dining table. Plants purify the air and establish a connection between indoors and outdoors.

Wood Flooring

If not regularly cleaned, carpeted floors harbor mites and bugs. Compared to carpet, wood flooring is less of a hassle to cleanse. Wood also adds warmth and style.

Green and sustainable

A Scandinavian home is built on Eco-friendly foundations. They favor locally sourced wood from sustainable forests and focus on energy efficiency. Proper insulation is of paramount importance when living in a cold region. It does not only reflect on your power bills, but you also feel less guilt in reducing your carbon footprint.

The Scandinavian design does not necessarily adhere solely to cold climates. You can easily bring in the Nordic philosophy inside your Californian home and benefit from it as much as a Scandinavian would.

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