What You Need To Know About Thermal Windows

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Thermal glass comprises two panes of glass spaced apart and sealed at the perimeter with a bituminous product. A spacer is glued to the glass filled with a desiccant and supports the two panes to absorb the humidity of the interior air. The principle of the thermal windows is to eliminate the problem of condensation. The replacement of a thermal window is recommended when the defogging process is no longer possible due to a too high level of damage to the thermal. The window frame must still be in good condition for the replacement to be effective. Therefore, it is possible to replace only the thermal pane.

Why Choose the Thermal Solution?

The thermal solution has developed a restoration process of fogged windows, proven by engineers’ reports. This process removes the fog and dirt accumulated between the window panes and extends their life span while maintaining an efficient thermal insulation factor. This technique allows for considerable savings. This is a real advantage compared to the cost of replacing a window. The realization of the thermal windows favors the surpassing of the expectations and answers the rigorous and precise standards of the thermal insulation.

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What Is a Thermal Window?

The first thermal window was established about 50 years ago. Since its arrival, this type of window has conquered the market by its energy efficiency. The thermopane window is made of dry non-conductive air sealed between the panes of the thermopane window. This part ensures the insulating factor of the window. Available in different configurations, the thermopane window can be adapted to all building configurations. Over time, various variations of the classic model have appeared on the do-it-yourself shelves.

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