How to Create a Chic Korean Style Bedroom?

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Do you enjoy Korean dramas? Do you want to recreate the bedroom styles seen in your favorite drama? If so, the advice below will get you started in the right direction!

Painting Walls Korean Style

Painting Walls Korean Style

The first step in recreating a Korean Drama-style bedroom is to use pastel paints on your walls. Pastel paint is popular in South Korea because it is light and soothing. Pastel colors, as seen in ‘Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo,’ usually add a warm and dreamy touch to rooms. Another advantage of pastel paint is that it can be easily mixed with different shades to achieve the desired color.

Add Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have been used since ancient Korean times and closely resemble Japanese designs. Sliding doors frequently appeared in traditional and classical themed dramas such as The Tale of Nokdu. The sliding doors were made primarily of wood and ‘Hanji,’ a traditional Korean paper, to symbolize the traditional Korean concept. However, due to the scarcity of these materials in some countries, an aluminum sliding door can be used instead.

Don’t Forget the Curtains

Don’t Forget the Curtains

Did you know that curtains have a significant influence on the aesthetics of a room? White transparent curtains, which let natural light into the bedroom, are commonly used by Koreans. White curtains will also assist to give your bedroom a sense of isolation and warmth.

If you do not like white curtains, you might go for the new and contemporary Korean Blinds. Since 2019, these cutting-edge blinds have dominated the Singapore market. These innovative blinds, also known as Combi Blinds or Dual Shade Blinds, provide more flexible light control and create a sense of privacy in a room. These transitional blinds offer the luxury of light and dark filtering, giving your bedroom a fresh and Korean feel.

Mirrors, Mirrors and Mirrors

Mirrors, Mirrors and Mirrors

Do you enjoy admiring yourself in the mirror? The latest Korean décor design features a full-body mirror, not simply a mirror!

Rather of affixing your mirror to the wall, let it to rest against it!

Because mirrors reflect light, they are considered to enhance the quantity of light in your bedroom. It may also make your space look bigger. A full-length mirror will help lift the atmosphere and tone of your room.

The most important reason to having a full-length mirror is to view oneself more clearly and precisely. A full-body mirror will answer questions such, ‘Did I select the proper outfit?’, ‘Am I looking good?’, and ‘Is the dress too short?’

Incorporate Lights and Lamps

Incorporate Lights and Lamps

South Koreans prefer to have multiple light sources in their bedrooms. The various light sources will produce soft lighting, creating a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom.

In the bedroom, light sources such as a desk lamp, a Korean paper square lamp, and a standing lamp can all be installed.

The box-shaped light is a typical Korean drama style, with the specific shape of the box on the lights offering a unique touch of the Ginseng Country’s traditions.

Think About Bookshelves

Think About Bookshelves

Bookshelves are another important part of Korean bedroom décor. All that is required is the installation of simple shelving units and the display of books. You may either buy ready-made shelving units or build a bookshelf yourself with the help of internet DIY ideas. Once the bookshelf is finished, you may organize your favorite books.

There’s no need to be concerned if you’re not a bookworm! You may still choose and show books by well-known worldwide writers such as J.K. Rowling, Nora Roberts, and even certain South Korean authors such as Bae Suah.

Decorative Elements

Instead of huge and extravagant ornamental objects, the Korean design incorporates smaller decorative things such as miniature art portrayals, plants, and wall hangings.

In your bedroom, you may also exhibit stuffed animals and dolls with kawaii patterns. ‘Kawaii’ simply refers to anything or someone having the trait of being adorable. As a result, cutesy dolls and plush animals are also common in Korean-style bedroom décor. These lovely pieces look well on the bed, desk, or bedside tables. These products provide a bright and cheery touch to the bedroom.

Were these Korean-style bedroom decors inspiring to you? If so, please share your thoughts!


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