Tips On Designing The Perfect Room – Part 1

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Bedrooms are the most neglected space while designing a home. You spend most of the time decorating the living room and other rooms in the house leaving your room untouched. That’s why I decided to dedicate this blog to the perfect room!




Here are seven steps to help you in designing the perfect room:

1. Location
Choose where your room will be! If your room is on the first floor, then there will be more light and it will be more aerated. Sometimes you have to consider where the room is located in the right part of the house. You would not want your room to face the street when you’re sleeping nor would you want your room to be near the kitchen. So, location is the first thing that you need to consider!

2. Find your style
Finding your style is what you and your partner see the room as! There should always be an “us” if you are staying with someone. Your style should match and should complement the room as a whole. Whether you are more into the cozy yet lively stuff, then the ideal room for you would resemble a comfortable space where you can relax and welcome people!

3. Focus on the view
A bedroom with a view is always the plus that every house needs. In the morning being welcomed by the sun and the amazing view is just perfect. The view can be your backyard or if you have a penthouse it can be the sky!

4. Luminosity
It is important for a room to be well-lit! According to interior designers, natural light is the absolute key in any room. Creating a light and bright bedroom makes you feel happy and calms your mood. You can always add a roof window for more light in the room.


5. Furniture
It is important that you focus on how you are going to place the furniture in your room. The size of the bed and other accessories depend on the size of the room. If you want a king size bed in a small room, then it is totally unrealistic! You can always check online for different room variations and how to furnish your room in the proper sense!

6. Prioritize cotton over anything else for bedding
For bedding, it is nice to focus on cotton rather than other materials. Natural fiber cotton sheets are the best when it comes to airflow and breathability. You can use it in summer and for winters you always have the comforter and the duvet to cuddle up to!

7. Who will use this room?
Deciding who will use this room is kind of tricky! If you are planning for a kid’s room, then you have to focus on comfort but if you are planning a teenager’s room, then you should space each zone in the room perfectly.



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