Wood Decking: For an Ecological and Aesthetic Outdoor Space

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Wooden decks are known for their warm and natural look, with an environmentally friendly aesthetic. Discover in this article everything you need to know about wood decks.

To build a wooden deck, the first precaution is to ensure that the land is suitable for such a development. However, even on uneven ground, deck construction is still possible thanks to concrete or adjustable blocks.

The Different Types of Decking Wood

There are three types of decking wood:

European woods

Divided into two families: treated and untreated woods; they are generally less expensive but are more suitable for indoor installation.

Exotic woods

They resist through time; they are perfectly adapted to the outside. You won’t need any treatment. Compared to European woods, they are a little more expensive.

Composite wood

Made of 50% recycled wood and 50% polyethylene, it will look less natural than the two aforementioned types of wood.

THT or High Temperature Treated wood

It is heated at a high temperature in an oven. During the operation, water vapor is injected. Thus, the wood loses its water absorption capacity. It is suitable for exterior wood.

Retified wood

Without chemicals, rectified wood is stable, durable, and completely natural. It is used outdoors in the most exposed situations.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Decking

First of all, wood is easy to install. If you have some DIY skills, you can go at it alone. Secondly, it has an excellent price-quality ratio. Whatever the look of your home, wood will match any style. It rhymes with aesthetics, comfort, charm, and authenticity.

Despite all these advantages, the construction of a deck can be pretty significant. Some work is challenging to do. Wood is also slippery, just like stone and concrete. It must be maintained so that the surface does not become greasy over time.

Tips for Maintaining a Wooden Deck

Clean With Water and a Broom

Add black soap or sodium carbonate to the water to thoroughly clean the wood. This will remove any dirt that has become embedded. Then scrub a little to remove moss and pollution particles that have settled over the weeks, which will make your deck more slippery.

It is necessary to clean a wood deck once or twice a year. Do this during the winter, after the rainy seasons.

Use a Wood Cleaner to Restore Color

This product helps clean the surface of the wood and remove the grayish tint that has set in. However, it must be followed by an application of a saturator, which brings up the pigments of the wood species to restore its original color.

Use Oil to Restore the Color of the Wood

When building your deck, you may have chosen a wood species whose color automatically matches your house and garden furniture. To restore the color of your deck, you should apply a nourishing wood oil and a saturator to revive its shine.

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