Timber Frame: A New Design to Adopt

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For a long time, traditional masonry has been favored by many people for its resistance over time, its affordability, as well as its insulation properties. Nowadays, people are starting to be more interested in wooden constructions. Find out why in this article.

The advantages of wood construction

Structural lightness

It is essential to know that wood-frame construction is 5 times lighter than concrete and 17 times lighter than steel. This lightness makes it possible to considerably reduce the structural volume of the building, to transport the framework at a reasonable price. Indeed, the wood frame allows prefabrication in the workshop to have less expensive foundations and an installation on any grounds.

Excellent thermal insulation

Opting for a wood-frame house implies superior living comfort because of their good performance when it comes to thermal insulation. In winter, the house warms up at the slightest ray of sunlight. Moreover, wood regulates its hygrometry. As it has an excellent insulating capacity, the wood-frame house allows you to save money by reducing up to 6 times the expenses related to heating. Moreover, wood is a natural material that will offer you a very warm atmosphere.

A variety of models

The wood-frame house offers a wide range of possibilities in its model choice and appearance. Indeed, you have the choice between several exterior coverings. By opting for the wood frame, you can also create open spaces, bay windows, and all styles and shapes of construction according to your needs.

Speed of construction

Opting for a wood-frame house offers shorter construction times than traditional constructions and less drying time with factory prefabricated elements. This is a considerable advantage for those who need to acquire a home in the shortest possible time. In addition to saving you time, the wood-frame house also allows you to save money because your budget is reduced according to work.

An ecological and robust house

A company specializing in constructing wood-frame houses often has a factory that offers a manufacturing process. In other words, it provides the design of walls and frames directly in the workshop. This guarantees a good quality of materials. In addition, it should be known that wooden houses are robust and resist much more than metal structures in case of fire.

A very affordable price

In terms of price, the construction of a timber frame house is less expensive than other types of construction. The price is constantly decreasing due to the increasing demand on the market. But this price varies depending on the model and the type of house you would like to build.

The disadvantages

Lack of thermal inertia

In winter, the lack of thermal inertia is very favorable because it allows bringing more heat. However, it becomes a problem in summer because the temperature is not balanced. But you can remedy this by taking certain precautions such as laying tiles, adding other thermal mass, etc.

Obligation to treat the wood

One of the disadvantages of wood is its vulnerability to termites. Therefore, regular treatment is essential to protect the wood against insects and bad weather. However, some chemical treatments are very harmful and reduce the environmental interest of wood.

A bad image

In France, timber frame houses are indeed victims of some prejudices. Most people associate them with mountain chalets. In addition, some companies harm their image because of the mediocrity of their achievements.

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