What Is Seasonal Cleaning and Why We Should Do It?

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Seasonal cleaning is all about cleaning all throughout the year but through different seasons, from winter to summer passing by autumn and spring. When it is soon to be fall in the Northern hemisphere, the Southern hemisphere is going to welcome spring. For people living in the Down Under, the time of the year is coming again where you have to start thinking about spring cleaning. Winter has been harsh and we understand that in winters you certainly do not feel like doing household chores and it accumulates. Spring cleaning is soon to come, which means that we have to deal with some serious de-cluttering reorganisation, scrubbing and polishing. A good spring cleaning is a worthwhile cleaning and there is no denying it! So if you are somehow confused as to why we should have a seasonal cleaning, then here are some reasons to support this.

  • Increases productivity by de-cluttering and organising your home or office as it saves you time that you won’t be wasting by looking for things elsewhere. Spring cleaning makes you more productive as the cleaning process increases your energy levels. Here is a handy tip, of you, haven’t used something since last spring clean, then it is time to throw it out!
  • Cleaning is healthy as it helps you avoid allergy symptoms. You can start by removing the winter germs that might have grown over these months. Move big furniture or climb up ladders to get to the accumulated dust and germs.
  • Studies have shown that you are happier when you are cleaning. This act provides a sense of satisfaction, which can put you in a good mood. A pro tip is that you can put on some of your favourite tunes while cleaning to make it even more interesting.
  • Cleaning and getting on with organising relieves you from stress as you will enjoy a tidier and more organised environment. Your levels of stress are reduced during that time as cleaning is considered therapeutic. It is important that you take breaks in between as it can be load onto you.
  • According to a study, cleaning helps you focus as your attention will be undivided, thus increasing your focus on other problems. To have a better focus, it is better to concentrate on one room at a time to make sure that you get the job done right.

If you are looking for some professional and reliable companies to help you out with seasonal cleaning, better get in touch with Green Squirrel Cleaning. Providing services in Melbourne’s inner and western suburbs, the company follows the 3 E principle, that is Effective, Efficient and Environmental. Whether you need a regular cleaning or occasional ones, they’ve got covered.

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