The Advantages of an Automatic Awning for the Terrace

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Nowadays, there are automatic or motorized awnings that compete with manual models. Extremely practical, they allow you to protect yourself from the heat, save time (when opening and closing), and ensure your safety daily. Apart from that, motorized blinds have other benefits as well. Find out about them in this article.

The Different Types of Motorized Blinds

There are 2 types of motorized awnings: wired motorization and radio motorization.

The Wired Motorization

The opening and closing of an automatic awning by a wired motor require the installation of a switch near the awning. Its installation is rather complicated because it is necessary to carry electrical wiring between the engine and the button to make the blind work. In addition, these cables must be made visible, which affects the aesthetics of your terrace. But once installed, the awning will operate more efficiently and quickly.

The Radio Motorization

Compared to wired motorization, radio motorization is more advantageous because of the use of a remote control to open and close the awning. You can therefore control it. However, its price is often high. If your budget allows it, thanks to the radio motorized awning, you can enjoy the latest features available such as soft closing, obstacle detection, etc.

The Advantages of Motorized Awnings

The Automatic Awning Protects From Bad Weather

First of all, an awning is a fabric with articulated arms that can be folded and unfolded according to your needs. The awning effectively protects you from UV and heat thanks to the material. The fabric can be acrylic to filter 80% of UV rays or micro-perforated fabric, which filters more than 90% of UV rays and provides harmonious ventilation and brightness. Choose a motorized awning to enjoy the shade in summer, whether inside or outside your home.

The Automatic Awning Is Very Aesthetic

Since the automatic awning is available in various designs and colors, it easily fits the aesthetics of your outdoor space. The fabrics can be plain, striped, or patterned to create your favorite ambiance. Awnings add extra living space to your home, where you can relax, read and even share a meal with your family. Plus, it adds a modern touch to your home. Once opened, it displays a beautiful design and adds character to your home.

The Automatic Awning Contributes to Your Well-being

The awning brings a certain comfort when it protects from the heat. You can also change the tilt of your automatic awning to adjust it to your needs. The terrace becomes a cool place to be, and you can feel good and comfortable.

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The Automatic Blind Is Very Practical

Since the automatic blind does not require you to move or turn the crank, you can enjoy all its benefits without getting tired. You can adjust it remotely, effortlessly, and at any time using a remote control. It can be opened and closed according to your needs. You can also change its position to match the sun.

The Automatic Blind Saves Energy

Installing an awning will allow you to reduce the indoor temperature by 2 to 5 degrees in summer. It limits heat entry into your home, which helps maintain a comfortable temperature. Thus, the awning allows you to reduce the bill related to the use of air conditioning, which will lead to energy savings.

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  1. An automatic awning for the terrace is a great investment for any home. There are many advantages to having an automatic awning, including: protection from the sun and weather, increased comfort, and decreased energy costs. Automatic awnings can also increase the value of your home.

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