How to Set Up Your Restaurant to Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

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Decorating a restaurant is not an easy task at all. The layout of furniture, lighting and various decorative elements requires a lot of knowledge in interior design. Indeed, it is essential to focus on the layout if you want to attract a growing number of customers to your restaurant. Find in this article some tips for creating an original and well-designed air jordan 11 cool grey
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Space optimization

No matter how large your restaurant is, the main rule to follow is to optimize space. The better you arrange the tables and chairs, the more you can install the maximum number of covers per square meter, which will impact your turnover. However, it would help if you did not rush into setting up a hundred tables. You must carefully study your capacity to manage the influx of orders. You should also be aware that too many place settings produce unpleasant noises, especially if the space is narrow. You should therefore avoid overloading your restaurant. On the other hand, if you can accommodate a large number of diners, choose insulating materials that can absorb noise.

The optimization of space also involves the functional aspect. Indeed, it is essential to ensure enough space between the tables not to disturb the customers (at least 60 cm). This also allows the waiters to move quickly during the service. In addition, avoid placing the tables near the toilets and the reception area to allow for easy checkout.

An attractive entrance

The window of your restaurant is the first thing passers-by see. Therefore, it should not be neglected. Make sure that it conveys messages and reflects the image of your establishment. Focus on a well-cleared, bright, and decorated window that will make your potential customers want to enter your restaurant.

Choosing the right style and furniture

The style you adopt will determine the atmosphere that will prevail in your restaurant. Base your choice on the type of cuisine you offer: a more chic style is appropriate if it is a gourmet restaurant. Don’t hesitate to alternate chairs and benches to create an intimate atmosphere. If you’re planning a bistro or fast food restaurant, a casual look is better. Installing a vertical wall would be a good idea to give a jungle effect to your restaurant.

The style of your establishment will also have a considerable impact on the choice of furniture, specifically the materials and colors. For example, if you are going for a Scandinavian style, it is best to use pastel colors and wood as a material. For an industrial style, cool colors will be more suitable. Decorate the space with leather furniture. Use steel for decoration. On the floor, opt for waxed concrete. Warmer than tiles, this covering comforts your customers by keeping an ambient temperature.

To put in the background the sensitive areas, use plants, partitions, or decorative objects. Added to all these subdued lights that will bring a touch of softness and comfort: small lamps, candles, candle holders, etc.

Sensory experience

When coming to your place, your customers will not only taste your delicious dishes. They are also looking for a warm atmosphere that can awaken their senses (smell, taste, hearing, sight, and even touch). Many restaurant owners are making sensory stimulation part of their business strategy. The goal is to attract and retain customers.

Use a discreet background sound to provide your customers with aural comfort. Don’t forget to renew your playlist to avoid tiring their ears and those of your staff. Instead of enclosing the delicate smells of your dishes, let them waft through the room. A delicious meal starts with its visual aspect. So, make sure your plates are well presented to catch the eyes of your guests. Tablecloths, placemats, napkins, and table runners are an integral part of the decorating scheme and will be pleasant if you choose them with a silky, velvety feel.

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