How to Renovate the Framework of a House?

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The framework is a set of parts (wood or metal) intended to support and cover your construction. Placed at the level of the house’s roof, it contributes to the solidity of the house. But, under the influence of weather, the frame can age and compromise the stability of the concession. In this case, it is essential to renovate it. So, what should you do to refurbish your frame? This article provides information on the subject.

Sandblast the Beams

Several causes can explain the obsolescence of your frame. But, in most cases, a failing structure is due to dirty beams. Indeed, over time, dust and insects deposit dirt (at the level of the beams) of the frame. Under the action of moisture, this dirt creates mold and mildew that damages the structure. So, in these circumstances, the best trick is to sandblast.

This process consists of cleaning and smoothing the wood of your frame to rid it of dirt. To do this sanding, you will need to use abrasive sand and a sandblaster. Equipped with a gun and nozzles, the sandblaster will suck up the sand and project it at high pressure onto the part of the frame to be renovated. In addition to the sandblaster, you can also use a sandblasting cabinet. Once the sandblasting is done, your structure will be brand new and can support your home better.

Replacing Worm-eaten Parts

Aside from the beams, worm-eaten parts can be the root cause of the frame’s fragility. Speaking of worm-eaten parts, you should know that these are the components of the structure that have holes and perforations. In this case, the renovation will consist in replacing the failing parts. You will need to seek the advice of a specialist to help you choose quality materials.

After the new parts are installed, it is good to apply insecticides and fungicides to the frame, which will help protect your roof from fungus and worms. On the other hand, if the parts are too weak, you can simply do a strapping. This operation consists in reinforcing the joints of the frame with materials in the shape of circles. This way, you can restore the structure and make it stronger.

Installing Braces or Bracing

When the parts of your frame wear out, they start to bow and create a failure in the roof. In this case, you will need to renovate your structure by installing bracing or braces. Indeed, the braces are rigid pieces that will keep a fixed distance between the joists of your frame. In this way, the parts of your roof will no longer be inclined.

It is essential to saw the joists to the length of the center distance before installing the braces. This makes it easier to insert your braces. Once the sawing is complete, you can insert the first brace at the failed parts of the frame. However, for the best results, you can install bracing at all levels. This will ensure that your structure remains strong over time.

Sanding Down the Roof

When your frame does not have a significant defect, you can simply sand it down to renovate it. This technique is recommended for wood and metal frames. Sanding will consist of polishing the parts of your structure back to new. To perform this task, you will essentially need a sander with a suitable extension cord. This is crucial, as the length of the extension cord will make your movements easier.

After sanding your entire frame, repeat the process with sandpaper. This trick will effectively refurbish your roof. Once the sanding is done, you can apply paint to complete the renovation. By following all these steps, your roof will look better and newer!

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