Is It Possible To Replace The Garage Door With A Bay Window?

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Create a craft corner, bring more light to the garage, convert it into a bedroom… there are many reasons why you might want to change your garage door into a bay window. Discover in this article all you need to know before replacing it.

Why change your garage door to a bay window?


The first reason to replace your garage door with a bay window is to bring in more light. Indeed, the glass allows natural light to pass through easily, which is not the case with an opaque door. Imagine then the light contribution that a large bay window can offer to this often darkroom! Thus, your garage will no longer be considered a dull place.

The advantages of installing a bay window in a garage

Apart from brightening up the garage, the idea of changing its door into a large bay window also allows you to transform it into a useful and livable space. You have the possibility to convert your garage into a workspace, a workshop, an office, etc. Moreover, the work does not distort the plan of the house. Whether you then decide to use it to house your vehicle or for another purpose, having a bay window garage door always enhances the look and vibrancy of your home.

Replacing a garage door with a bay window: the disadvantages

Like any other operation, replacing a garage door with a bay window also has its drawbacks. And this concerns especially the administrative formalities. The cost of the work is also important. In the case of an extension of the living space, an increase in the property tax is to be expected.

The authorizations that must be requested before the work is carried out


Before starting the work of replacing your garage door, it is imperative to check if the project goes against the rules applied in your municipality. Indeed, the legislation and procedures related to changing a garage door into a bay window are not always the same in all regions.

Therefore, filing a preliminary declaration of work at the town hall is essential if the area is less than 20 m². But a building permit becomes mandatory if the surface of the garage exceeds 20 m². Beyond 40 m², a prior declaration of works is imperative.

The works to be undertaken

If you do not have the expertise and time to carry out the work, do not hesitate to call on a professional. This is a company that specializes in mobile protection and the installation of garage doors. If you still want to replace your garage door, simply follow these steps:

    • The removal of the door already in place
    • Cleaning of the support
    • Installing the brackets and clamps
    • The tightening of the glass door to be installed
    • Installing the seals

The choice of the bay window

However, the most important thing should not be neglected: the choice of the bay window. For your information, there are two main types of bay windows: the simple sliding bay window and the sliding bay window. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits your needs! In short, it is quite possible to change the door of your garage into a bay window.

Advantages and disadvantages of replacing a garage door with a window


Replacing your garage door with a window or bay window is a great way to effectively brighten your room. It is also an operation that turns your garage into a useful room and increases your living space. The advantage of such remodeling work lies in its ability to preserve the nature of your home’s plans. Despite these benefits, replacing your garage door with a window has limitations. These include the cost of the work, the increase in property taxes if the living space is extended, and the administrative formalities.

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  1. I never considered installing the brackets and clamps. My garage door is broken. I’ll have to have it replaced.

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