Decorative Painter and House Painter: Differences and Common Points

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On a construction site, many professionals intervene. If some intervene at the beginning of the construction site, others intervene at the end for finishing works such as painting. Indeed, on a building site, the painting is applied by a painter building or a painter decorator. But what do these two trades consists of? What are the points of convergence and divergence between a painter and a painter decorator?

What Is the Job of a Decorative Painter?

A decorative painter is a professional painter who specializes in decoration. He can work on a building site, in particular with the completion.

The painter decorator is a professional who intervenes to embellish the interior and exterior walls of a building. He is also called upon to install wall coverings (wallpaper, fabrics …).

The painter decorator is also solicited for advice on decoration. He helps in the development of a project of decorative painting. In his role of adviser, he gives advice on the choice of colors, materials and decorative products such as patinas, glazes, fake wood, fake marble, etc.

Generally, the various missions of a painter building are:

  • The dressing of walls, ceilings, the dressing of furniture (furniture, panels…);
  • The realization of the decorations of theater;
  • The realization of the mural frescos.

The painter decorator can work for private individuals (in private houses, hotels, stores…), for public authorities (embassies, ministries), or can be employed by a cabinet of architects or interior decorators. He can work alone or in a team.

For interior design and decoration projects, the painter decorator is the ideal person to offer FITTINGS BATHS KITCHENS DECORATIONS.

What Is the Job of a House Painter?

A painter is a professional of the building specialized in the works of painting. His primary mission is to cover the walls, ceilings, and floors of a house, an office, and a public place with a coating to protect and decorate.

He generally intervenes to apply layers of paint on new surfaces or to refresh old paint. It is a rather technical job requiring excellent painting knowledge.

On a building site, the painter works in several stages. First, he prepares the site by setting up scaffolding and other equipment. Then he prepares the surfaces to be painted (sanding, washing, etc.) before finally applying the paint.

A painter must master the various preparation methods of paint and the different application techniques. The house painter intervenes both inside and outside the building. He is also solicited for his advice.

With a thorough knowledge of paints, he advises his customers on the type of paint to choose or the perfect color. He can tell you if duck green will be perfect for your room or not. The house painter can apply wallpaper, walls, floor, and glazing.

Decorative painter and house painter: Differences and similarities

As we have seen above, these two craftsmen have their common points and their points of divergence.


The house painter is much more solicited to paint walls and ceilings.

The painter decorator as for him, deals with the originality of the interior decoration of a building or a frontage. He can realize wall frescoes. For advice on interior design, it is also useful.

Common points

The profession of a building painter and that of a decorative painter have many points in common.

Generally, the house painter evolves with his years of experience to specialize in painter decorator. They all intervene on building sites to embellish or protect the interior or exterior walls of a building with paint.

They also intervene in the coating of the grounds. In terms of flooring, painters generally opt for the bleached parquet.

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