Soundproofing Glass Windows: Everything You Need to Know

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If there is any extraneous noise that’s bothering the peace in your home, whether it comes from the highway, your neighbours, or barking dogs, it’s time to find ways to cut back on those unwanted sounds. And what better and easier way is there than having soundproof glass film installed on your windows? But before jumping, there are several things you need to consider first, among those are the do’s and don’ts, as well as the pros and cons. So, let’s dive right in!

The Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Consider before Installing Soundproof Films:

Do: Determine to what extent the noise is bothering you

Because of the different ways of soundproofing that exist, you may want to start here. How low is your threshold for noise? Are you an aspiring writer who needs complete silence to get their creative juice going? Or can you tolerate some frequency of noise? This will determine the solution that is more appropriate for our specific situation.

Do: Consider alternative options

If you cannot bear to hear a certain level of noise, you may want to look into fabrics that absorb noise. Then find curtains made of these fabrics. Placed in front of your windows, they will absorb outside noise to some extent. An added bonus is that you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics over this. But if you are seeking a really quiet environment, then this is not a viable option for you.

Do: Check your window if your home or apartment is not a new one

Before considering soundproof films, check your windows for any gap or hole. These gaps allow more noise to enter your home and may just require a simple plug.

Don’t: Rush into any decision

Think you’ve found the best option for you? Well, think again. You always need to weigh your options well. What are the pros and cons of the solution you’ve found? Are you picking this because you can afford this now? But if that solution is not a long term one, won’t you end up spending more in the long run? Or here’s another scenario: you invest in a permanent solution and find out this doesn’t fit your needs after all. What do you do at this point? You’ve already spent too much on this new type of glass to just have them replaced at this point. So, basically, what we are trying to say is: think everything through and talk to experts if necessary.

Noise Blocking Window Film: The Pros

Transparent films that are placed on top of windows or between two layers of glass are often more than enough to block out noise effectively. But what are the other benefits of soundproofing windows in your home?

Pro: Helps in energy conservation and blocks UV light

When windows are coated with a window film, the amount of heat that comes in and leaves from a room significantly decreases. This causes the temperature in a room to be more stable, leading to a better conservation of energy. Some of these films also UV light leading to a reduction in the heat entering a building. This decrease is more obvious during the summer months.

 Pro: Cost-efficient

The fact that the films help to some extent regulate the temperature in a room, you will see a considerable drop in your monthly bills. This is mostly because the need for air conditioning and heating for the interiors are reduced. These films are also great at trapping in heat and are work better in winter.

Pro: Helps you maintain your privacy

In addition to neighbours or passers-by not being able to hear the conversation between family members, you also have the option of blocking their view. Some soundproof films come in different colours and you can also find some that are opaque. Even if you choose the tinted films, you should be able to get a certain degree of privacy as it will shield the insides of your home from view.

Pro: Easy to install

Whether you want to get films or choose to laminate your glass, it will be easy to assemble and install. And if you ask the supplier to help you or recommend someone to do the installation, the process will be even faster.

Pro: It can stop your furniture from getting discoloured

It’s widely known that extended exposure to the sun can cause wood to be permanently discoloured. Depending on the type of wood, the colour can either fade or darken. Either way, a film will prevent sunlight from entering directly into a room, hence reducing the risk of damage to furnishings such as sofas, curtains, carpets, and other fabrics.

Noise Blocking Window Film: The Cons

The cons: Traps heat

While this can be great during the winter months, trapping heat inside and not letting it escape during the warmer months of the year is not such a great thing. This is even worse if you live in a tropical country and will increase the cost of air conditioning.

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