Professional Kitchens: The Essentials

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Packed with versatile features, kitchen equipment makes it possible to produce high-quality dishes quickly. Indeed, this equipment helps kitchen professionals vary their recipes, make preparations rapidly, and make delicious dishes. Below is the list of essential household appliances and accessories that can equip a professional kitchen worthy of the name.

1- Storage equipment

The storage equipment makes it possible to preserve the ingredients and food in the best conditions. Here are the essential ones.

Cold cabinets and rooms

Cold cabinets and rooms ensure the preservation of ingredients and food.

• Refrigerated tables or salad
refrigerated tables and salad bowls allow food to be kept cool for quick preparation of dishes, salads, and sandwiches.

• Shelving
Designed in steel and aluminum or polypropylene, shelving is used to store food products in a kitchen or in a cold room.

• Crockery
Stainless steel shelves offer the advantage of correctly storing kitchen equipment and food.
• The french fries
A french fries cutter can be used to make regular sticks of potatoes and other vegetables.

2- The preparation material

Some kitchen equipment is essential to prepare the recipes. Here is the list.

• The worktop
The stainless steel worktop offers more hygienic surfaces for preparing dishes.

• Gastro containers
Gastro containers are used to store, cook, reheat and preserve dishes.

• The multifunction robot
In cutter mode, this robot performs chopping, grinding, kneading, emulsion and sauce work. In vegetable cutter mode, you can obtain grated, crinkle cuts, sliced fries, juliennes, and mixed salad.

• The mandolin
The kitchen mandolin is used to mince or cut food differently, such as dice and juliennes.

• The blender
Thanks to the grinding capacity of this robot, it is easy to prepare many recipes, such as soups, gazpachos, and exquisite smoothies.

• Electric Multifunctional Slicer
The rotating circular blade of the slicer can quickly cut sausages, meat, vegetables, fruits, cheese, bread, etc.

• The immersion blender

This small household appliance allows you to blend soups, sauces, and other preparations directly in a bowl.

• The vacuum machine
This machine is used to vacuum pack in bags, dishes, meats , vegetables and other foods to keep them longer.

• The mixer
Used mainly in pastry and bakery, the mixer is used to beat and mix products for preparations.

3- Cooking equipment
Kitchen equipment is mandatory to cook and succeed in the dishes concocted. If necessary, it is possible to order it from specialized companies.

• The oven
The oven is essential in the kitchen for cooking food or keeping it warm.

• The stove
Thanks to the stoves, preparations and foods are quickly cooked, boiled, flambéed, or heated.

• The microwave oven
Equipped with an efficient heating system, this appliance is a great help for quickly cooking or reheating dishes.

• The fryer
This is the ideal machine for cooking fries, churros, donuts, etc.

• The toaster
The toaster is used to toast bagels, crumbs, and other bread. It also makes it possible to gratinate and brown dishes such as croques monsieur, toasts, and sandwiches.

• The induction hob
This high-performance cooking appliance helps bakeries and pastry shops to succeed in their preparations. Indeed, it offers very precise control of the heating temperature.

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