What Type of Door To Choose for Your Garage?

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The garage door must be easy to operate and secure the garage. Several types of doors can be adapted to all garage configurations. Find in this article the characteristics of these garage doors.

The Sectional Garage Door

The sectional door is made of sandwich panels. It is made of double-skinned galvanized steel and is 42 mm thick. Thanks to these panels, the door can slide on its rails in the same way as an overhead door. It opens to be placed parallel to the garage ceiling and allows the car to enter the garage easily. In addition, it can be adapted to almost any type of garage. The sectional door can be motorized, allowing it to automate its opening.

This type of door is highly recommended for garages with low ceilings facing the sidewalk. Indeed, it is secure and does not require any additional space towards the front so that the car can enter and exit freely and without a hitch. It is especially appreciated for its elegance. The sectional door offers a wide choice of finishes (patterns, windows, colors, etc.). Also, it is customizable and provides excellent thermal insulation.

The Roll-up Garage Door

The roll-up door comprises several panels or slats of steel, aluminum, PVC, or wood. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood or aluminum roll-up doors provide excellent insulation. However, wood is a material that requires regular maintenance, such as anti-insect and anti-humidity treatment. As for PVC, it is well known for its fragility. For its part, steel requires an anti-rust treatment. Only aluminum is the material that requires no maintenance. Aluminum roll-up doors are the best solution. However, they are expensive.

Like sectional garage doors, roll-up doors can be motorized. Thanks to its motor, this door’s opening and closing are faster and can be done remotely. The roll-up door limits the air exchange between the outside and the inside. Since the roll-up box is placed on the ceiling, space can be saved. In addition, its vertical opening avoids exterior and interior overflows.

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Overhead Garage Door

The overhead garage door is the type of door adapted to all budgets. It is trendy because its longevity, quality, and simplicity of use. Its price is also very attractive. Whether motorized or manual, the overhead door is easy to handle. However, it requires regular maintenance. When opened, the overhead garage door opens outward. It is possible to integrate a swinging gate to this door.

Made of steel, the overhead door is a large one-piece door leaf. To open this door, turn the handle at the bottom of the door and lift it upwards. To minimize the efforts during this opening, the door is equipped with balancing springs and metal arms. Doubling the door leaf optimizes the sound and heat insulation of the garage.

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