Office Decor: 8 Mistakes to Avoid!

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The office is a room that we often forget to decorate, whether at home or work.

No more dark and gloomy office… If you are looking for ideas to make it look good or if you want to optimize it with ingenuity, this article will help you.

Make way for a decorative office!

To work well, you don’t just need a computer and a pencil cup! The workspace deserves a lot of attention because of the number of hours we spend there every day!

As a freelance decorator, I spend a lot of hours working from home. To be efficient and motivated, it is essential that my workspace is organized and comfortable and that I feel good there…

As entrepreneurs, we have the privilege to create our ideal office, to build a pleasant work environment that stimulates our inspiration and concentration. By the way, why do most of us think that this privilege would be reserved only for entrepreneurs? In the end, whether we are employees, individuals or company directors, we all have the power to dress our office as we wish and create a lovely decorative cocoon at work and home! Wouldn’t your boss also have an interest in the story? A happy employee is an employee who works better.

Granted, sometimes it takes some cleverness and ingenuity to design workspaces with optimized storage solutions. We sometimes lack the inspiration to decorate our office… That’s why I gathered in this post a handful of my best tips and ideas to offer you or your employees a designed, functional and organized office.

The importance of dressing your workspace well deco office

If you’ve read my previous post on Dressing Up Your Workspace, you now know how important it is to have a well-designed office.

Whether it is a room or a simple space, the office requires a beautiful decoration in your company or at home!

Dressing your workspace with a nice decoration, with trendy, practical, comfortable and functional furniture, will considerably improve your efficiency, well-being, and creativity!  And this, for several reasons:

    – On the one hand, the more space is arranged, the more you will want to settle there! Inspiration and motivation will always be there.

    – On the other hand, because it would be a real shame if your office were to stand out in your entrance hall or your living room, and scare off your customers and employees if you are a company director!

However, designing an office is not easy for everyone.

Of course, you can imagine a nice office decoration, but be careful that it is not a pretext for dispersion! Your office should not interfere with your thinking, whether to manage small paperwork or large files requiring concentration.

In a large room or a small corner, the layout of the office remains an operation to be meditated… And since it is better to prevent than to cure, here are the main mistakes to avoid when arranging a working space in the best way.

Mistakes to avoid

In my first professional life, I had the opportunity to work in small companies and large multinationals. And curiously, I noticed that few of my managers were aware of the positive impacts they could obtain by prioritizing the comfort and improvement of the quality of life of their employees.

Here is an overview of the main mistakes I have identified throughout my career.

1. Put your desk in a small dark corner

Why put yourself away from the light when it is precisely there to stimulate our intellect?

-> Whether you set up your office to work for long days or occasionally, place your desk as close as possible to the window to take advantage of natural light.

2. Place your desk with your back to the window

-> Avoid placing your back to the window because of the reflections of the light on the screen.  If you have no choice, install curtains or blinds to filter the light.

3. No care for the lighting of the office deco

-> Whether your office is near a window or not, it is essential to take care of the lighting to work at best, at any time of the day. Ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps, desk lamps … Do not skimp on the lights.

4. Forget the colour for the office deco

Many managers (and even individuals) have in mind that an office is not a playroom – hence the countless number of bland, sad offices where gray is omnipresent from floor to ceiling! So what? That’s no reason to deny it a little colour!

-> Colors would have a certain power over us; we must be fully aware of it! Green, for example, would have tranquillizing effects. Why not use it to help relieve stress?

5. Working on a desk that is too small

-> Make sure your desk is a good size so that everyone has enough space, especially if you share it with several people!

6. Take the first seat that comes along

-> Choose your chair carefully; it must be comfortable. If you move around a lot, choose casters.

7. Don’t provide enough storage space in the office

How can we see our projects more clearly if we can’t see beyond our keyboard because of a pile of files, books, notebooks in the office?

-> Plan enough storage space so that nothing is left lying around.

8. Do not accessorize your office

-> Although they may seem trivial, accessories such as shelves, storage sets or clipboards will help you keep your desk tidy.

In 2 words, here are the good reflexes to adopt for an ideal office decoration

For the design of your workspace to be a success, you will need to choose your desk, its location and find the storage and lighting that are essential for a decorative and functional office. No element should be left out.

Hope the above would help you with your office decor. Remember to share your experience in the comments below.


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