Most Popular Exterior Paint Color Trends to Try on Your Home in 2021

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While the pandemic propelled us to “shelter in place”, it was a surprise that most homeowners were busy thinking about home improvements rather than just splaying out on their couch and spending countless hours in front of the TV.

Being stuck at home during the pandemic has also prompted design experts to rethink exterior house colors. They are now more willing to take chances with deeper, bolder and unexpected tones. According to them, there is a greater need for creating a warm and inviting look. This means injecting hues that have staying power.

Fair warning: This blog article could inspire you to take up a paintbrush and paint this weekend!

#1. Blue Gray

Blue Gray

There is a reason why people are going nuts for this color.

Yes, blue is a given classic and is considered as the world’s most popular color. However, blue gray is slightly different, characterized mostly by its stylish nautical style.

Simple and timeless, this calm coastal paint color has the power to turn your house into a relaxing retreat from the daily pressures of life. This color is also often chosen by beach home owners as it reflects the same tones you can see when you are soaking up the sun. It gives off a classic beachy feeling, playing with the hues of the sky, the ocean, the sand and the sun.

Embracing this coastal color does not bring a sense of peacefulness, but is also a homage to classic, Americana style.

#2. Wheat


A fresh coat of paint can always do wonders for your home. Planning a full-fledged home renovation or just wanting to freshen up your space, warm and comfy hues are always welcomed.

While fiery colors such as yellow and red are quickly associated with warmth, people often fail to consider neutrals. As a soft, lighter hue that’s not too close to white and almost yellow – with a bronze undertone – wheat is the perfect paint to make your homely space comfy and cozy on the outside.

With a strong resemblance to the color of the wheat grain, this buttery-in-between can be paired with natural woods to add more accents and to glow next to the greens of the yard.

#3. Muted Gray-Green

Muted Gray-Green

Muted colors are often overlooked by homeowners. They are common descriptions of colors that are the opposite of bright tones – that is, another term for dull, grayish or desaturated. However, there is so such restriction of a muted color is a warm, cool or very light tone. Just like vivid colors, muted colors can also attract attention.

Muted Gray-Green represents modernity and conveys to viewers that the tone which they are looking at has relevancy and can be conceptually fashionable as any other trendy home color.

#4. Dusty Charcoal

Dusty Charcoal

If you go back to the 1980s and walk about the area, you’ll see how the Tuscany color palette (warm red, gold, olive green, yellow, and sky blue) dominated the era.

It’s not that it’s out of date, since some people still strive to imitate that old Tuscan architectural design, but we live in a world of greys – bright greys, smoky greys, dirty greys, dusty charcoal, and so on.

White and light greys were formerly the go-to colors for house exteriors. They have, however, been replaced with bolder and deeper tones.

Dusty charcoal exterior paint is ideal for achieving a Scandinavian-style house design or an ultra-modern bold feeling.

By combining a charcoal overcoat with a few accent colors, you may create the same fashionable and timeless summer houses that can be seen alongside lakes in Sweden.

According to experts, this melancholy tone also promotes a sense of warmth and tranquillity.

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