Elements You Need To Design A Pool Deck

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If you have the advantage of having a large garden, having a pool is always lovely. But in addition to the pool itself, you will need a deck to enjoy the pool. Discover how to arrange it to enhance your exterior!

The Floor Covering

The deck is the place where you can relax around your pool. The installation of the floor covering is therefore one of the first steps in its development. Since the area around a pool is often wet, it is essential to have a non-slip covering. As for the choice of material, you are free to choose according to your tastes and the style you wish to bring to your exterior.

The Natural Stone Beach

Natural stone is often used as flooring because of its resistance. Indeed, it is undoubtedly one of the most durable materials. As for aesthetics, it is appreciated for its elegance. Depending on the type of stone you choose, you can create a particular style of decoration. If marble is synonymous with luxury, granite and bluestone bring a touch of modernity. If you’re more of a fan of traditional decor, sandstone and travertine are your best allies, thanks to their ochre color, which reminds you of the period estates. Although attractive, be aware that natural stone flooring is among the most expensive on the market. 

The Tile Terrace

Because of its different varieties, shapes, and colors, tiling is an interesting flooring idea. Indeed, it can meet all styles, from contemporary to rustic. Moreover, it is the ideal alternative for those who want natural stone while saving on the bill.

Wood Decking

Wood is a naturally non-slip material, which is ideally suited to poolside areas. Aesthetically, it is both warm and modern. It is the ideal material if you want to create a cozy corner around your pool. However, to have a durable coating, opt for exotic species or those that are treated. This is the case for pine, teak, ipe, etc.


Deckchairs and small side tables will allow you to sunbathe and relax around your pool. Since they are outdoor furniture, choose resistant materials such as metal or PVC. Mattresses should be stored away from moisture. Shade sails are also exciting ideas to bring a touch of elegance and aestheticism. Moreover, it will prevent you to be directly exposed to the sun. If you have the space, you can even build a pergola to install your furniture.

Decorative Elements

There are many decorative elements to enhance your exterior.

– Plants

If your pool is located near the edge of your property, a plant wall can serve as a backdrop. Note that all vegetation must be more than 1.5 m from your pool to avoid having debris in the water. It is also advisable to opt for trees with large leaves, such as palms. Otherwise, perennials, which bloom all year round, can brighten up your outdoor area.

– Lighting

Even at nightfall, it’s always nice to have a beautiful setting, which is why lighting is so important. It is possible to install underwater spotlights and spotlights in the pool. For your pleasure, there are even colored LEDs. To create a specific atmosphere, you can use customized lights. For example, lanterns can create a romantic atmosphere.

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