3 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Shower Enclosure

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The shower enclosure is aesthetically pleasing and offers a wide choice of finishes. But how do you choose a shower enclosure? To help you make the right choice, consider these three criteria:

The Type of Shower Enclosure

Choosing a shower enclosure is not a random decision, and the first criterion to consider is the type of shower enclosure. Currently, there are five types of shower enclosures:

-The swinging enclosure

-The sliding enclosure

-The corner opening enclosure

-The rounded enclosure

-The fixed enclosure

The swinging enclosure: it is formed by two walls: a fixed wall and a swinging wall. The doors can be opened inwards or outwards. This type of wall is ideal for a large bathroom.

The sliding wall is the best solution if you have a small bathroom, as it does not take up too much space. If you are interested in this type of enclosure, you need to consider the configuration of your shower. If it’s against a wall, you’ll need 3 fixed panels and 1 sliding panel. On the other hand, if it is closed by two parallel walls, you need 1 fixed and 1 sliding wall. If your shower is not closed by a wall, you need 2 fixed panels and 1 sliding panel.

Corner opening shower enclosure: This shower enclosure is ideal for a small bathroom with an L-shaped configuration (the shower is located between the sink and the toilet). This enclosure is made up of 2 fixed and 2 sliding panels.

Rounded enclosure: whatever the size of your bathroom, this shower enclosure can easily be integrated into it. It can be purchased with or without a shower enclosure.

The fixed wall: it is generally used in Italian showers. This type of enclosure offers many advantages: ease of installation, access and maintenance.

The material

When choosing a shower enclosure, you should also consider the material it is made of, and this will ensure your comfort and safety.

Generally speaking, shower enclosures are made of glass, as this material is highly resistant to heat and impact. In addition, it comes in several models, which allows you to decorate your shower room well. To buy a glass shower enclosure, you should plan on a budget of 75 to 500 euros.

If you have a tight budget, opt for synthetic shower enclosures. For this, you can choose between an acrylic shower enclosure and a PVC shower enclosure. You can expect to pay between 50 and 200 euros for one.

If you are looking for a shower enclosure that is easy to maintain and allows light to pass through, we advise you to choose one made of glass block.


Before choosing the size of your shower enclosure, you should remember this: a shower enclosure should not go all the way up to the ceiling, as this could block the steam drainage.

If you have trouble choosing, refer to these dimensions:

Height of the shower screen: between 180 and 210 cm ;

Width of the shower enclosure: between 70 and 80 cm for small showers and between 100 and 140 cm for large ones.

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  1. It helped when you mentioned that a sliding wall is ideal for a small bathroom. My husband wants us to have a shower enclosure. I should advise him to choose one that fits our bathroom.

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