Budget For a Wood Deck

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To enjoy an additional living space, more and more homeowners are opting to install a deck. However, many individuals prefer to use wood for ease of installation and aesthetics. But how much can it cost to create a wood deck? The answer is below.

The Price of Decking Depending on the Type of Wood

The wood decking price can vary depending on the type of wood chosen. For example, softwoods cost about 25 € per m². Douglas fir and larch are the most common, but they must be renovated every 10 to 15 years. European hardwoods are more resistant than softwoods. Their price per square meter is on average 35 €.

As for exotic woods, they are more expensive because of their resistance and aestheticism. The most used are Cumaru and Teak. Count between 50 and 200 € per m2. If you are looking for an alternative offering good value for money, choose composite wood. It costs between 20 and 50 € per m².

The Cost of Creating a Wooden Deck According to the Model

The type of wood deck also affects the cost of the work. For a deck on a concrete slab, you need to budget between €20 and €40 per m². This technique consists of pouring concrete before installing the wooden boards or planks. Don’t forget to install joists between the slab and the panels.

The creation of a terrace on a block costs between 10 and 20 € per m². This technique is based on the fact that you put in plots before proceeding with the decking. Its most significant advantage is that it provides a good level of insulation to the terrace. Just make sure to respect a spacing of 70 to 90 cm between each stud and install a base with a diameter of 20 cm minimum.

Building a terrace on joists varies between 20 and 40 € per m². The joists must be installed on a PVC block. A distance of 30 to 50 cm between each joist must be respected. This ensures the stability of the deck.

As for the construction of a terrace on stilts costs between 150 and 450 € per m². This is a preferred technique for a wooden or metal support.

The Price of Installing a Wooden Deck

The price of installing a wooden deck is between 300 and 500 €. However, this price is likely to change depending on the difficulty of the work, the size of the structure and the price applied if you use a professional.

Building a wooden deck is a delicate operation. This is why it is recommended to use the services of a specialized company.

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