Which Storage Is Best Suited for Each Room?

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Tidying up is very important to avoid clutter. However, it is not easy to choose the right type of storage for each room in the house. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

The Bedroom

In addition to the classic bedroom storage, opt for under-bed storage to hold your clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can place a chest, a drawer, a box, or a storage cover. The installation of a dressing room has also become very trendy. You can store all your belongings intelligently. A dressing table on legs will do the trick for your jewelry and makeup products, as it has several drawers, doors, hooks, racks, and niches.

Bathroom and Toilet

To store towels, choose bamboo or a wooden ladder. This will also save you the trouble of drilling into your walls.

Use a shelf, spice racks, and empty jars to store your beauty products and shower accessories.

Hang a magnetic rail on the wall to avoid losing your hair clips. You can also add shelves or an extra closet above the toilet.

The Cellar

To properly store your wine bottles in the cellar, you can choose between a storage rack, a storage crate, and a bottle holder. The bottle rack is the most recommended to preserve the maximum flavors of your wines.

The Living Room

Opt for a melamine or glass living room sideboard to be able to store your dishes discreetly in your living room. You can also install a storage column to organize your CDs and DVDs. Install a bottle rack to decorate your living room and temporarily store your wine if you don’t have a cellar.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Install spice racks, a hanging bar, wall pockets, and hooks for handled utensils to save space in your kitchen. Opt for a kitchen buffet so you can store everything in one place.

On the other hand, for a well-equipped dining room, choose a bar with storage where you can have an aperitif. This storage can be at the bottom of the bar, on the sides in the form of shelves, or even above to embed your toaster, for example. You can also opt for a rail rack to organize your stemware.

The Desk and Bookcase

First of all, boxes and cubbies are perfect for storing your pencils, pens, erasers, etc. You can also use storage bins and containers to store small accessories like paper clips, thumbtacks, stamps, etc. To keep your books and documents, you need a bookcase. You can choose between a corner bookcase, a modular bookcase, a hanging bookcase, a sliding bookcase, a personalized bookcase, and a bookcase partition.

The Laundry Room

Choose built-in storage units to hold your washing machines and dryers to give you more space. Place a wall-mounted broom rack to hang your brooms and household accessories.

The Garage

You can install a 5-tier garage shelf to support bulky loads like gardening tools, auto parts, etc. You can also hang a bicycle storage unit from the ceiling. Adopt the telescopic bar system to fix two bikes vertically at the same time without making holes in your walls.

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