Wallpapers – Part 2

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It is no secret that wallpapers enhance the beauty of a room and all together that of a house! Below is a list of the different types of wallpapers you can choose your interior décor:



• Fiberglass-Backed Foil Wallpaper
This wallpaper gives a metallic finish to your walls. Delicate to install this wallpaper will crease and wrinkle when pasting and installing. Extra care must be taken! Also one must pay attention that the walls must be smooth and in a good state. Fiberglass Backed Foil Wallpaper is washable and easy to remove.

• Moiré Wallpaper
This wallpaper has a vinyl coating and the designs are applied to a paper or fabric back. It has a very elegant water silk design or a wood grain effect. Easy to install, Moiré wallpaper is perfect for an entrance, den, family room, in short for any room in the house! This wallpaper is easy to remove and washable.

• Natural Bamboo Wallpaper
This wallpaper will add an original look to your office or house. These handcrafted materials are made from environmentally-friendly natural products. Natural Bamboo Wallpaper is different in variations, texture, and colors. Extra care should be taken when pasting this wallpaper.

• Mylar Wallpapers
This type of wallpaper is printed on the paperback and the polyester film is applied on top of a decorative design making. Mylar Wallpaper is washable and looks similar to a foil wallpaper. It creases easily, that’s why extra care must be taken when pasting and installing. Install a liner wallpaper when pasting it.

• Natural Silk Wallpaper
This wallpaper is very delicate and a liner wallpaper is recommended to be installed when pasting. Natural Silk wallpaper is not washable and one should be careful when installing it!



• Natural Grass-Cloth Wallpaper
A handcrafted wallpaper that is made by applying grasses or vines onto a paper backing with glue. This wallpaper is delicate to work with and one should be cautious when pasting and installing it. Natural Grass-Cloth wallpaper is used in dens, family room, bedrooms, and dining rooms. This wallpaper must be wet to remove as removal is easy to moderate. It is not washable.

• Natural String Wallpaper
This wallpaper is very delicate to work with and extra care must be taken when pasting and installing. It is not washable and should be put in a room where it does not spoil quickly.

• Vinyl String Wallpaper
This wallpaper is printed on a fabric backing and it is very durable. Many textures and colors are available with Vinyl String Wallpaper. It is ideal to install in most frequented rooms. Vinyl String wallpaper is easy to work with and to install.

That’s it, you know everything about the different wallpapers now!

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