Top 3 Tips To Design Your Main Bedroom

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Calm and privacy are common to all bedrooms, whether for parents, children, adults, or babies. Each room has its requirements and design style. If children see their room as a place to have fun, adults see it differently. Nevertheless, it is a haven of peace for everyone, so it should be well designed for their air jordan 11 cool grey
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Everything is important in this room, starting with the arrangement of the decorations, the luminosity, the soundproofing, and other more intimate comforts like the bed. The latter, which is not the least important, is where you spend most of your time. The choice of bed is a necessary condition to ensure rest. Do not hesitate to call on professionals to enjoy a restful sleep.

1. We define the space


The space of the room is divided around three essential functions: sleep, storage, and possibly hygiene. A good definition of the space allows you to determine the size of the furniture, the type of furniture needed, and the space left once the essentials have been placed. The real question to ask yourself is? Knowing whether you are creating a main bedroom or the main suite!

The main bedroom is a bedroom, so it is necessary to provide closets, a wardrobe, or even a dressing table or a make-up area if the family bathroom does not allow it. The main suite includes an adjoining or open shower room reserved for the parents or even a real dressing room. And in both cases, the circulation must be fluid and logical from one area to another.

2. Decorations: keep it simple

Children and adults do not have the same expectations concerning the decoration of the bedroom. Children prefer to see their bedroom as enchanted, with more prominent walls, a room full of furniture, and other elements that they can enjoy: a small table for studying and a corner for toys or video games for older children. Teenagers are much more demanding when it comes to the design of their rooms, as they make more noise, demand more privacy, and want more space.

Adults, on the other hand, generally opt for a more serene space. They see their bedroom as a place to rest after a busy day. So you have to make the parental room more pleasant to live in. To do this, keep it simple. Avoid overload. The office area is simply not a place to be. It’s a place to rest, not an extension of your workplace.

Put the storage cabinets and shoe rack in a separate room. Even the screen, whether it’s a television or a computer, has no place in your bedroom. A comfortable bed with a mattress to your liking, a small night table on each side, and a bedside lamp for reading are more than enough. This will allow good circulation in your room.

As for the luminosity, prefer natural light: choose to paint your walls white. The same goes for your bed and the other elements of the room. Choose PVC windows that will provide thermal insulation and allow daylight to illuminate your room. For night lighting, dare to use remote-controlled LED lights with adjustable intensity.

3. Soundproof your main bedroom


The main bedroom requires more privacy than the others. From time to time, it can become an intimate space of madness that you want to keep away from indiscreet ears. Sometimes you also want to isolate yourself from outside noise. So, think about soundproofing your room. Don’t hesitate to put a 5 mm carpet on the floor or exchange it for a nice decorative carpet, a nice imitation of sheep wool, for example.

Opt for double-glazed windows to isolate you from the noises coming from outside. Also, insulate your walls with rock wool, and put insulation to stick such as polyurethane foam alveolate the ceiling. Use the anti-noise curtain. You can buy them in specialized stores. Also, think about padding your door like a doctor’s office.

Final thoughts

The main bedroom is the most important room in the house. You spend more than a third of your life in this room, so make sure that it meets your little whims for your comfort. Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about designing your main bedroom.

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