Tips for Moving Furniture the Right Way

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Moving furniture is never an easy task. Millions of problems can occur, and ruining your precious furniture is probably one of the worst things you can do. There are a few things to consider when moving furniture. Transporting furniture is very different from transporting other items. Here are some essential points to consider when moving your furniture!


Know precisely what you are moving and where you are moving it. Make sure there are no potential hazards such as stairs or high thresholds. A house may have a series of sharp curves, or a building may have narrow hallways or escalators. Making a map beforehand can help you avoid problems. It is also essential to think about where you are going and pack your things in the right order.

Divide Roles

The first rule of furniture moving is not to think about it alone. You need to know how to protect yourself as well as your furniture and home. There are always large pieces of furniture in the house that cannot be carried by two or three people. Write down the number of pieces of furniture to be moved and the distance to be travelled, and divide the roles with other porters.

Use the “L” Way to Push a Chair Out the Door

For large chairs, you can “crochet” them through a small door by turning them sideways and passing the long end of the L-shape through the door, then twisting and passing the other end through.

Protect Furniture With Blankets or Plastic

Moving blankets are a very effective way to protect your home as well as your belongings during the move. To avoid damaging the vulnerable finishes and edges of furniture such as dressers and tables, wrap them completely with moving blankets and secure them with plastic wrap.

How to Lift Furniture Properly

Lift your legs, not your back This will help prevent injury. It is also important to bend your knees, not your hips. Both of these methods will help avoid unnecessary physical stress that could result in injury to you or your companions.

Protect the Door

Moving large pieces of furniture can cause them to bump into doors. Removing door mouldings will give you more room to work and prevent damage to the door.

Bulky Waste, Budget Resolution, Guitar, Wood, Obsolete
Bulky Waste, Budget Resolution, Guitar, Wood, Obsolete

Don’t Carry or Drag It; Non-slip Is Your Best Friend

It is easier to push a heavy object to the floor than to drag it. Use a slider for this purpose. You can easily make your own sliders using plastic container lids, Frisbees, bedspreads, moving blankets, towels, and carpet cutouts. Use hard plastic sliders for carpets and soft padded sliders for hard floors.

Disassembling Furniture

Before you consider moving your furniture, take it apart. Some furniture is so large that it will not fit through the door no matter how hard you turn it. Therefore, it is better to disassemble the furniture and pack it in appropriate boxes. Remove all knobs, drawers, shelves, and legs. This will reduce the amount of furniture to be transported and make it easier to get the furniture on the truck.

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  1. I appreciate what you said about taking down the shelves to make the move easier. I have a bunch of book cases that need to be moved. I’ll have to consider hiring a moving crew to do all of the heavy lifting for me.

  2. It got me interested when you said that it is important to bend our knees when lifting furniture to avoid injuries. This is helpful because I will be moving to my new bungalow house near the lake. Since I cannot lift heavy items, I will look for experts on Friday who can move my items and furniture safely.

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