What Are the Different Types of Beds?

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Different types of beds have appeared in human history. Some styles and concepts have been abandoned, and others, on the contrary, have been retained or even improved. Sleep plays a vital role in our overall well-being, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons before choosing a bed. Here are the different types available on the market.

1) The Wooden Bed

A wooden bed transforms the bedroom into a simple and welcoming space. Wooden headboards can be made from either a single type of wood or a mixture of several thin layers of less noble wood. The price of your bed varies depending on the type of wood chosen with solid wood being much more expensive than chipboard. On the other hand, you can rest assured that a quality wooden headboard will last longer than other versions.

2) Steel Bed

Steel beds have a lovely style because they are completely made of metal. Generally, they have a large headboard and have decorations at the foot. This type of bed is, therefore, an excellent way to combine simplicity and aesthetics. Beds made of steel are light but solid. It is a good option if you have children who are going to hop from one bed to another. Because of its durability, metal is recommended for foldaway beds.

3) Foldaway Bed

The foldaway bed, with cupboards or a desk, is convenient as it saves considerable space. For instance, in small spaces like a studio, you can sleep on a comfortable bed without cluttering the floor space. To choose your foldaway bed, measure the dimensions accurately. This is a crucial step to make sure it fits your space. Think about the position of the ladder as well for easy access to the bed. For safety measures, choose a robust model that can be fixed securely, especially if the foldaway bed is or children.

4) Royal Bed

If you are looking for elegance, this bed will make you feel like the king/queen of the house. A royal bed is supported by refined wooden legs with golden details. The headboard is in red velvet, which will give the impression of being members of a true royal family!

5) Convertible Sofa Bed

As comfortable as a sofa, the convertible sofa also offers the advantage of providing you with a very practical sleeping solution. It can transform your living room into a very cozy bedroom in a jiffy and where you can sleep comfortably. It is also ideal for those who receive loved ones regularly. It transforms into an extra bed quickly and makes up for the absence of a guest bedroom.

6) Modern Bed

Modern types of beds are made of easy to assemble materials. On each side of modern beds, there are side tables with a few drawers. These are generally used to accommodate bedside lamps and personal items as well.

7) Murphy Chest Bed

A murphy chest bed is an ultimate solution for small spaces. Its complete structure with a headboard and a metal base allows you to store personal stuff and various things such as bed and household linen. Besides, they are available in different sizes. In recent years, the murphy chest bed has conquered both children’s rooms and adults’ rooms. Corresponding to a modern and contemporary style, these beds offer sleeping comfort, thanks to their mattress’s high-quality material.

Once the type of bedding has been defined, let your personal preferences guide yourself. What bed frame material will you choose? Which color? Are you going to add a headboard? What style do you like: rustic, classic, or trendy? You can find various designs of murphy beds at Murphy Beds & Storage Solutions. They also provide custom or pre-built murphy beds to small apartments, offices, and guest rooms.

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  1. My friend, who recently moved into an apartment, is looking for furniture that he could add to his new space. I like your idea of purchasing a royal bed so that you’d feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. We should probably look around for a queen murphy bed that he could try out!

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