Tiles That Need Little Maintenance

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Building a home is high on the list of human priorities. But having the means to build a house is one thing, and maintaining it is another thing. Maintaining a home is one of the most tedious tasks, and it falls into several categories, including tile maintenance. Here are five types of tiles that can easily be maintained!

Patterned Tiles

The use of patterned tiles is a system of camouflaging the various imperfections in the floor. Uniform or single-colored tiles show stains and other flaws in the flooring. It is also easy to maintain and leaves less noticeable the cleaning errors and wear of the tile. This camouflage is more successful depending on the types of colors and patterns. Black patterned tiles are more suitable for camouflage.

Beige, Gray, and Earth Tone Tiles

The color of the tile is most emphasized here because of the ability of some colors not to let the stains show. Light or white tiles are the most likely to show imperfections, and it is therefore recommended to prefer beige, gray, or earth tone tiles.

These colors tend not to show traces of dirt and dust, and cleaning them is much easier and faster.  Beige, gray, and earth tone tiles are highly recommended for the bathroom and kitchen.

Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

The construction industry often says that porcelain stoneware is the best material for tiles. It results from a perfect marriage between clay and pressed silica, all heated to a high temperature. It is a type of tile mainly reserved for the kitchen but suitable for other rooms of the house as well, even bathrooms, because of its low porosity.

The porcelain stoneware material offers a particular beauty and resistance by imitating other popular materials such as waxed concrete, parquet, or natural stone. Porcelain stoneware tiles owe their popularity to their relatively low price and accessibility to all, but also because they are effortless to clean.

Adhesive Tiles

Unlike traditional tiles, adhesive tiles are often used as a second choice for renovation or maintenance work. It is a very effective way to revive the clarity of a kitchen credenza and bathroom tiles. Its particularity lies in the simplicity of installation and its low price accessible to the majority. Its maintenance process is very simple, as it can be done with a sponge or a soft cloth.

Satin Finish

For some types of tiles, it is sometimes necessary to adopt a certain finish. Especially for bathrooms and kitchens, a satin finish can be a must. It is a light coating with a tint that has a protective effect on the tile. Although the satin finish takes away most of the beauty of the tiles, it protects them from any visible dirt.

The matte black color is the most recommended. This color keeps the dust, but largely camouflages other impurities. Satin tile is also very easy to clean.

In conclusion, tile maintenance in a home depends on the room and the type of tile used. Some forms of tile are easier to maintain than others. The five types of tile detailed above are a perfect illustration.

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