Country Style Decorations for Your Home

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The country-style has been one most sought-after and revived styles in recent years. It has been inspiring many people for the interior decoration of their homes. Besides, we can also find many city houses embracing this style. But what are the objects, colors, and stylistic choices best suited to decorate a house in the country style? Let’s find out together!

To revive this style, there are several tricks to follow, and we want to inspire you with some ideas for decorating your home in a country style:

1) Curtains

The perfect decoration for your country house can also be traced back to fabrics. Unlike many other styles, curtains can be full of character and play a significant role in the decor. Choose curtain prints of dark colors such as black, brown, and green. Red is also a must-have of this style. For instance, you can choose typical country house prints like farm animals, like cows, chicken, pigs, etc.

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2) Barn-Style Doors

To decorate your home in a perfect country style way, details inspired by peasant life should not be missing. Your house is worthy of an estate, immersed in the fields or on the hills, and can immediately acquire a rural feel through the choice of doors. Solid sliding doors, mostly made of wood, with the typical decoration of parallel beams will look beautiful!

3) Trade Tools

A very creative way to decorate your home in country style is to use old trade tools and turn them into something unique. An example is to retrieve an old ladder and use it to create a picture frame. Just paint it, if damaged, and attach the frames between one beam and the other.

Even horseshoes can be a perfect decoration. You can make hooks, hangers, or a plaque in front of the door with a little creativity. If you are looking for something more elaborate, you can transform old tools such as wheelbarrows, pieces of antique plows, or old barrels to obtain objects with a unique and refined design.

4) Cowboy Rugs

You can also decorate your living room with a large cowboy rug. The rug is both simple and luxurious at the same time and can instantly transform your interior décor.  Cowboy rugs go well with wood, and you can also add vintage cushions on the couch. There are many different types of rugs on the market, and you can easily find one suited to your taste.

5) Country Kitchen

When we think of a country house, we immediately think of the large kitchens with wooden furniture and antique tools and the inevitable smell of freshly baked apple pie. To decorate the kitchen in this style, ceramic and wooden furniture shouldn’t be missed! Don’t hesitate to use dried flowers in tin cans as a vase. Choose open shelves for storing dishes instead of closed furniture.

6) Other Details

Let’s not forget that the rustic style also features warm colors and welcoming atmospheres. You may incorporate elements such as family memories, pictures placed in different frames, watercolor paintings, and ornaments to enhance the area.

7) Country-style Bathroom

We can’t leave behind the bathroom! For this space, wood can be used for the vanity unit and the shelves as well. To enhance the bathroom décor, place small objects that remind you of the countryside. A few plants placed in tin pots or wrought iron towel bars will also contribute in a very simple way of decorating the bathroom in this style.

Country Bathroom Formal | Royals Courage : French Country Bathroom Concepts

Do you have any other ideas to decorate the house in this particular style? Share it with us in the comments below!

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