Successful and Harmonious Interior Design: Our Tips

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How to succeed and harmonize interior decoration is a question which tarries many people. After a renovation, it is difficult to adapt the decoration to the new space. Here are some foolproof tips that will help you succeed and harmonize your interior design.

 Opt for Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is one of the most important points in a design project. Indeed, sunlight is important for your health. It helps you feel good. In addition, it helps prevent various depressive states, eye diseases and drowsiness. Daylighting also allows you to play with the moods (light intensity) according to your different rooms. If you are not a handyman, you can contact a specialist.

To take advantage of natural lighting, invest in bay windows. They will allow you to take full advantage of the sunlight. You can also separate rooms with an interior glass roof. This helps light flow from one room to another and adds charm to your interior. French windows are also an important source of natural light. They allow you to benefit from an opening to the outside.

Choosing the Right Furniture and Decorative Accessories

Interior design always involves furniture. They are essential and no one will tell you otherwise. To choose your furniture correctly, you must take into account the available living space. You should also take into account the style of decoration of your house (traditional, classic, etc.).

In the living room, it is recommended to opt for furniture that promotes conviviality. Choose cotton or linen upholstery. They are much more comfortable than leather. Opt for a coffee table that is not too imposing on which you can put a vase or an ashtray design.

In the dining room, you can choose to match or mismatch the chairs and table. You can also add a few decorative pictures to the walls. Finally, make sure that each element is in its place. This will help harmonize your interior design.

Add Indoor Plants

Plants have depolluting virtues. They improve air quality by providing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. In addition to keeping dust out of the air, they neutralize toxins such as ammonia and benzene. In addition, plants will allow you to create a healthy decor without spending a lot of money. Here are some plants for your home decor:

Ficus Lyrata: to be installed in the bedroom;

Kentia Palm: to be installed in the living room or in the bathroom;

Pachira: to be installed in a not too dry room;

the Ficus Robusta: to be installed in the living room;

the Sansevière: in the living room or in a room.

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Adapt Your Decoration to the Season

We all have a relative whose interior decoration has not changed for 10 years. The interior of an apartment must be alive. It must adapted to the key periods of the year. Of course, it is not a question of carrying out important work, nor of investing all your savings each time. It will be a matter of making a few minimal changes to harmonize the interior decoration, enough to give your interior a touch of originality, but not so much that you go broke.

Winter is suitable for cocooning decor. You’ll need plaids, cozy cushions, soft microfiber rugs to help you keep out the cold. Spring is the perfect time to introduce a little sunshine and freshness into your home decor. So opt for new curtains, flowery blankets and some green plants. In summer, bring out the curtains for the windows and opt for terracotta pots. In the fall, opt for more amber tones. Bring out your candles and lanterns and think of warm colors. Above all, opt for soft lights and get your plants out.

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