Let’s Welcome Colors Back!

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Gone are the days when white was trending more than any color in any house! Well, now the trend is all colors and people are no longer afraid of choosing a color that represents them. That’s why we bring you this blog where we will give some tips to choose the right color for your rooms.

  • Always pick your décor first, then choose the paint! It is easy to choose a paint that goes with the décor rather than choosing a décor that goes with the paint.
  • Be inspired! If you are a Pinterest addict, then you can decide the right paint color there. Make a board for each room and start pinning rooms that make a difference.
  • Stick with neutral colors. Don’t go too bold if you want neutral colors around the room. You can decide on painting a wall colored rather than having the whole room all colored.
  • Use testers! Don’t be afraid to use testers to be able to differentiate the effect each color has in the room.
  • Better test your paint on fabrics and furniture. Match it with your sofa, table or other items that will be in the room to see if it goes.
  • Use dark colors on the strip to discover the true color. It will save you from ending up with too pink or too blue!
  • Start painting a small area of the room to know if the color is perfect or not.
  • Think about your mood and that of the room when selecting a color.
  • Think about the size of the room when you are choosing the color. There are colors that make the room look huge or smaller in size.
  • Commit to a color that represents yourself and has an impact on your mood.
  • Know the difference between the hues and the finishes that each paint has. From flat finish to high gloss finish, it matters where it works best.
  • Choose secondary and accent colors that will play an important role in deciding the color combination of each room.
  • Compare the effect of colors in different rooms. Light colors give the space a sunnier and happier feel rather than dark colors.
  • Use the light that reflects the color. The lighting in your room changes gradually, so choosing a color that works well with both lights is important.
  • Always pay more attention to the bigger picture. Give more importance to each room rather than the color as a whole.

With these tips, bringing colors back into your life won’t be that difficult!

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