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Let’s be clear: we have a difficult relationship with bricks, especially when designing interior spaces, because it is a visually expressive material, which must be handled with great delicacy in the decoration and interior design of our homes. A brick exposed without measure can turn the interior into a kind of budget brewery. But if you expose the brick, it must be of high-quality. Want to add bricks to your house but not sure where to place them? You’ve reached the right place – in today’s article, we bring you some wonderful ideas. Take note!

Brick on the Ceiling

Let’s start with the exception to the rule. Many times, when it comes to revamping, appear on the ceilings, almost by accident, old arch bricks, which more and more people decide to leave exposed. They can be painted white, but the picturesque charm of leaving them as they are is also very attractive and gives a natural and harmonious touch to the decoration of the room. We are sure you will love it.

Be Careful with Quantity

Exposed brick is often found in apartments where homeowners (and their designer) want to emphasize the age and history of the home. Also, in many homes, brick walls are the only thing that has survived to the present day. So it’s a reasonable decision, but it’s important to consider how much brick is left exposed. Leaving a few walls, the hallway or a fragment in the living room is enough to convey the spirit of the place but also a fabulous design choice. Another interesting point is that the combination of brick with other materials and decorative elements, such as velvet and classic furniture, makes the interior design almost an artistic device, not an attempt to save on decoration.

Choose Harmonious Combinations

Red brick surfaces are very powerful and require the right environment to maintain balance. The worst thing you can do is add a lot of raw wood and solid dark leather sofas, which is the closest thing to a nightclub. Opting for upholstery and furniture in shades of gray, light blue and yellow is a more brick-friendly company.

What if you love brick so much that you want to see it everywhere? It is best to choose to combine it with a lot of white paint and furniture, so that the walls do not overwhelm the interiors.

Choose a Dull Paint

Brick gives off plaster dust, and the worst thing you can do about it is to cover it with a glossy varnish. It’s best to use non-glossy coatings or white paint. In fact, paint is a great option if the condition of the brick is fair and, in general, if you don’t want it to overpower the interior.

Whitewashing Brick

White also amplifies the feeling of space in spaces. To give a personal touch, you can choose to whiten the brick with different intensities, so that the texture is more visible. You can even paint in an irregular pattern.

Collector’s Bricks

A brick can be a collector’s item if it is old and has a stamp that identifies where and when it was produced. Like any other collectible, branded bricks are more or less common and particularly valuable, rare. In short, it is a piece apart. With them you can create real installations in your home.

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