Understanding the Meaning of Colors Before Decorating Your Home

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By using certain colors in our home, we want our home to have a personal touch and not only reflect our personality. The meaning of colors directly influences our mood.

According to Eva Heller, sociologist, psychologist and author of the book Psychology of Color: How Colors Act on Feelings and Reason, colors are not used for their own sake, they all have a particular meaning and purpose.

Heller also explains that there is a link between colors and our feelings. The choice of certain colors is not just a matter of taste and preference, it is rooted in our language, beliefs and experiences.

That’s why we can say that colors have an effect on the way we feel and react to certain situations, spaces or places. This is where each color plays a key role in our mood, influencing the color schemes we use to decorate our homes.

In the article below, we give you a guide so you can learn the meaning of the colors you can use in your home and give purpose to each space. Grab a pen and paper to take notes.

Meaning of the Warm Colors

The meaning of warm colors and their derivatives is: joy in your home. They are stimulating and give the impression of a happy and lively environment.


This color is associated with energy, fun, optimism, among many other positive emotions. Yellow adds a fresh, lively touch to any space and is often used in large kitchens, living rooms and children’s playrooms.  Plus, according to Heller, this color is one of the favorite colors of the elderly.


The color red, one of the most striking colors in the color palette. It is linked to love and passion, and because of its association with fire, it gives a warm touch to spaces where you decide to place it. It is frequently used in hallways and dining rooms. One negative aspect of red, it can make spaces look smaller than they really are.


This color is associated with joy, fun and vitality. For this reason, it can be a good option for social areas or areas with a lot of activity and movement, such as the kitchen, front gardens and family rooms. If you live in a cold climate, this color will make your home more welcoming and warm than the outside.

Meaning of Cool/Cold Colors

Among the cool colors we find shades such as purple, blue and blue-green. These colors can certainly have a calming effect in any space you decide to place them in. In addition, cool colors make the spaces in your home appear larger, cooler and comforting.


This color expresses a lot of calm, stability, balance, harmony, confidence and helps to relax. It is ideal for rooms or spaces in your home where you want to relax and be at peace.

In general, companies use this color in their decoration or in the details of the stationery, taking advantage of the fact that this color awakens confidence and tranquility in people.


This color is related to nature, energy, vitality and hope. If you decide to paint a wall in your house green, it will reflect a lot of tranquility and freshness. You can use it in your bedroom or living room and we recommend using moderate tones like olive green or pastel greens.

If it’s a home office, green is the perfect color to help you focus and do your work in a pleasant environment.


This color is linked to wisdom, creativity, spirituality and dignity, but it is also often associated with sadness and mystery. If you want to include this color in your home, we recommend you to put decorative elements of this tone.

Unlike purple, the color lilac can bring serenity to the spaces in your home. If you want your spiritual side to flourish, you can paint the walls of the corridors that connect the rooms in your house or between the bedroom and the bathroom. This will allow you to constantly connect to the energy of these tones.

Meaning of Neutral Colors

Among the neutral colors we have white; it symbolizes purity, energy and gives a touch of freshness. It is widely used as a base color and can be used in sunny areas and kitchens. Finally, there is the color black, it conveys elegance and distinction, it is used as a base color.

Here you are! Now that you better understand the meaning of different colors, you can make wiser choices when it comes to decorating your house. Do you know any other meaning of some other colors? Let us know in the comments below.



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