How To Create A Boudoir At Home

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Create a special room just for you where you can relax and enjoy time pampering yourself. A boudoir is a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room, or dressing room. The word comes from the French verb “bouder,” which means “to pout” or “to sulk.” Thus, a woman who was feeling sulky or indisposed could retire to her boudoir or “sulking room” until she felt in a better disposition. This space was a woman’s confidential space that other people could only enter by invitation.

A Bit of History

If you imagine living in a French castle, the boudoir was part of the private rooms of a lady. As opposed to a bedroom which was used for sleeping, this room was used for bathing and dressing. Sometimes it was also used for other activities such as reading, embroidering, or as a private drawing room for receiving and entertaining intimate acquaintances.

The Modern Boudoir

A boudoir can be of incredible value to a woman. Having a boudoir adds glamour as you have your private space to do all those embarrassing things that you rather keep secret. After all, who wants to see his woman having a full wax treatment contorting to reach the unreachable bikini areas? Who wants to wake up next to a woman with curls and a face mask?

Another benefit of having a boudoir is that you can create the perfect romantic evening when you want to add some variation to your sexual life. Sometimes it is not easy for couples to go out for a weekend or even have a night off in a hotel away from domestic responsibilities. But you can always create a special evening by inviting your other half inside.

How to Create A Boudoir Room

You can easily create the ultimate girly glamorous boudoir in an empty white room with the aid of some accessories. Soft and sensual colors, a couple of scented candles, subdued lighting, some feathered boas, and a make-up table with all your favorite perfumes and body creams are a good place to start.

Once you have managed to create a space in the house for your boudoir, you need to create the mood to be at ease and awaken your sensuality. Awakening all your senses is sure to make you more receptive.

Put a lock on the door. The last thing you want is your children bursting in when you have a bubble bath in a candle-lit room with your favorite rubber ducky!

This should be a room where you can relax. Clutter is not allowed. Remember this will be your private room, where other family members will only be allowed by invitation. This will be your fantasy room. It is not the place to bring your household or work responsibilities. It is the room to get in touch again with your feminine side.

Accessorize your space with soft cushions, and sensual vases overflowing with flowers and objects which please you. Do not forget to add a full-length mirror.


Awaken Your Senses


Too often disregarded, touch is as vital as the other senses, and it is linked to our desire to be in contact with someone. Skin on skin is the most basic yet the most magical feeling there is. Tactile sensations affect our feelings of comfort and security. The materials that we use make a considerable impact on us. Use fabrics that feel soft and luxurious, a bed with silk sheets, a velvet throw, comfortable cushions, or a long-haired carpet that is inviting to the touch and has a soothing effect.


Keep in mind that the sense of smell is compelling. Scented candles, incense, and natural flowers all add a subtle scent, and why not rediscover the health benefits of aromatic oils? Find those scents that please you, relax you, or even arouse you.


Pleasant sounds can be soothing and refreshing. The sound of bubbling water can be very relaxing, and you can find lots of interior water features for very affordable prices.


Add color to your boudoir. Color is vibration, and we each respond to it on many levels, consciously or unconsciously. The color you choose will affect your mood. You can use color to add depth, movement, or illusions to your room. Lighting can create a mood. Consider investing in a dimmer switch so you can switch the room’s mood from bright excitement to smooth and sexy when you feel like inviting your other half to your boudoir.

Remember that a boudoir is not just the look; it is the feel. It is a place to make you feel relaxed and sensual. Yours should be an extension of you: Who you are and what you are.

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