Home Décor Inspired New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Start 2023 off Right

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2023 has officially kicked off and if you want to upgrade your home décor, why don’t you set some New Year’s resolutions for your house?

Remove Old Décor

Remove Old DécorTrends come and go and before you know it, you’ve filled your house with items that are now way behind the times. If your house has roller shades, fringed trim or faux finishes that belong to the 70s or 80s, it’s high time for an update. Nothing makes a home look dated than shiny brass light fixtures and old wallpapers with bunnies in baskets. But, to get out of the old and in with the new, it is important to remove these old knickknacks and decorations you’ve had in your house for decades.

These colors, fixtures and wallpapers that make your house look dated are considered less as decoration and more as clutter. Having unwanted clutter in your house can not only affect your house’s atmosphere but can also have a negative impact on your mood. Studies have proven, for example, that clutter can make a house look and feel stressful. If you want to update your home’s décor or want your house to look more spacious and beautiful, I strongly suggest removing these old decorations.

Once they are removed, you can dust, sweep and scrub. And, trust me, you’ll immediately notice a change in your house –a good change.

Food-Themed Home Décor

Food-Themed Home DécorWhen it comes to food trends, well, we’ve seen pretty much everything. During the pandemic, for example, we saw the Banana’s bread great renaissance and in 2017, there was the “unicorn food.” And, this year has been predicted to be the very best for foodies.

So, for all foodies out there who want to incorporate food into their home décor, here are some fun ideas to help you:

  • Add a large kitchen cutlery wall clock to your house so that it always feels like it’s time to eat.
  • Add a fluffy fruit-shaped bath mat to your bathroom so that you are always reminded of food as soon as you step out of the shower.
  • Croissant-shaped or bread-shaped lamps are great at reminding you of breakfast time.
  • Summer fruit slice cupboard knobs would be a beautiful addition to your kitchen.
  • Ice cream cone hampers are sweet ways to store your laundry.
  • Several prints of your favorite restaurants.
  • The donut pillow is my favorite and you’ll love it too.

Bring Cinema Into Your House

Bring Cinema Into Your HouseAt a time when coronavirus was sweeping the world, many of us turned to movies and TV shows. In fact, locked inside the house, I can say most of us spent our time watching TV and during that time, many rediscovered their passion for cinema.

So, if you want to give a movie theater makeover to your house, here are some ideas:

  • Start by choosing a specific space in your house.
  • Set the theater mood by painting the room in a dark color.
  • Movies theaters are designed in a way to maximize space and make room for many theater seats. However, since you are not bound by this constraint, try to create a cozy and warm sitting space by investing in a wraparound couch.
  • If the room isn’t a windowless one, you can make it up by hanging blackout curtains –they will not only keep the sunlight from disrupting your theater experience but will also add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your theater space.
  • When you are styling a room with movie theater-themed décor, carpets are a must-have. But, please don’t just stick with the basic ones and try to buy a bold and retro-themed one – it would add a dramatic element to your theater room.
  • Blankets are not usually found in movie theaters but you can include them for your at-home movie nights.
  • Lighting can create a lot of magic and do a lot for your movie theater room. Click here to find out more about choosing the perfect lighting for your movie theater room makeover.




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