How to Choose The Perfect Glass Canopy for Your Door?

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Door canopies are an excellent solution to protect the entrance of the home from rain and sun. It allows you to create adequate protection for the entrance door to your house or exit to the garden without the need to do any works. Likewise, they are a decoration complement with which we can give a more personal touch to this outdoor space. We have different materials, shapes and measures, which you can choose to best suit your needs and cover the surface you need. Take into account the consistency you need to cover. We offer you different measures. On a door, we recommend that the width protrude between 10 and 15 centimetres on each side. They are sold in kits and are very easy to install. We recommend fixing it to the wall with chemical or metal plugs. Different styles and colours that adapt to all types, classic, modern, rustic…



Putting a canopy at the front door of our house is an excellent solution, both functional and decorative. The uses or functionalities that it offers you are:

  • Protect the access of your house from rain and sun.
  • Keep your entrance clean and your door in good condition for a longer time (it prolongs the useful life of your entrance door with the savings that this implies in effort and money).
  • Serve as a decoration element. It allows you to give a more personal and welcoming touch to that small outdoor space. Depending on the finish and the materials you choose, you can make the canopy look more modern, rustic, and more spartan, which goes unnoticed…



The canopies are made up of two components:

  1. The Structure: It is the one that shapes the canopy and on which the roof is supported.
  2. The Roof: It is the main element that protects from rain and sun.




Considering that the canopy roof rests on it and must support the weight of snow, hail … the main requirement is that it be very resistant. The most common materials in which they are manufactured are:

  • Aluminium: It is a light but resistant material that is easy to maintain and offers various finishing options.
  • Stainless steel: It is characterized by being very durable.
  • Forging: This material provides excellent durability and requires little maintenance.
  • Wood: This one requires more maintenance. These canopies are generally supplied without a roof. In those cases, you can opt for tiles or pieces that imitate PVC and are placed on a board that is recommended to be waterproof.



There are canopies with different shapes to choose the one that best suits your style: there are canopies with straight or curved shapes and with lower, lateral or upper fixing.



The roof of the canopy is the element that is directly exposed to inclement weather, undergoes contact with water or the direct impact of the sun’s rays. There are roofs made of different materials that can help improve resistance and durability. The options are acrylic, tile, glass, and polycarbonate. In the latter case, they can have anti-ultraviolet (UV) treatment, which will prevent your door from fading due to the incidence of solar rays. You can also choose the type of finish and, therefore, the look you want it to look: translucent, opaque, transparent or coloured.



As we have already mentioned, we can find canopies of different sizes. It must be taken into account that sufficient wall space is needed to fix the canopy to it. We will discover widths between 90 cm to 4. The exit or fall of the roof will measure from 60 cm to 1 m, and this will be the surface that the canopy covers.



We must ensure a correct fixation when installing a canopy since they are heavy structures and withstand inclement weather, especially the wind. We must consider the surface’s material, but it is best to use chemical or metal blocks to ensure a better grip.



Lastly, add a little extra to your canopy. Putting LED strips connected to a power outlet will always have the light you need when it gets dark, being a very economical solution. In outdoor lighting, you will find the LED strip kits that suit you best.


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  1. I love that you talked about the importance of having the protection that will prevent damages to your canopy. After moving to our current area, my wife mentioned to me that she wants to have a canvas canopy for our home to prevent the sun’s heat and glare and asked if I have any idea what is the best option to do. Thanks for helping me understand, I’ll be sure to consult a well-known awnings company in town as they can answer all our inquiries.

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