Mad Men Inspired Home Decor: The Best of the 1960s Interior Design Trends

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Sure, Mad Men has won the Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography and Writing, but the truth is, we were more drawn to the retro visuals than the storylines. Taking your eyes off the fabulous ’60s home accents for one second seemed unlikely and this “Mad Men” effect brought back the traditional to distinctly groovy styles of the 1960s.

As a recent convert to the Mad Men craze, I thought it would be a great idea to be transported back to the interior design style of the 1960’s period.

The sixties was an era of great madness and enormous change with the impact of rebellion against long-established traditions on fashion, music and politics. Not to mention the major influence on home designs and trends. It was a time of patronizing patterns, groovy decor items and bold and daring colors.

So, here’s a look at some of the dominant retro styles if you want to recreate the cutting-edge Mad Men home design.

#1. Elegant Kitchen Style

Elegant Kitchen Style

You might not want everything in a retro kitchen—I doubt the appliances would be EnergyStar certified—but there are many vintage-style accents that could be perfectly mixed in a contemporary setup.

The kitchen that Don Draper once shared with Betty, for instance, had a completely different feel. It was an open area surrounded by an interesting array of bright hues and with a clear view of the living room. The kitchen also reflected an airy and stylish vibe – a modern twist to the 60s style.

If you want to further replicate the stylish Mad Men home design, you may consider the following items:

Cafe Curtains

Talk about cafe curtains and you will immediately be reminded of your grandmother’s breakfast nook. Yet, the whimsical look of these floral and butterfly prints can be more modern than ever.

A Whistling Teapot

The famous whistle of an old reliable tea kettle will definitely remind you of the iconic 60s era.

A Stocky and Shiny Toaster

Nothing can bring as much charm in your 60s-style kitchen as a stainless steel retro-inspired toaster.

#2. A Rich Living Room

A Rich Living Room

Coming into the living room, I’d say it’s a real blast from the past with a few unique pieces that we’ will definitely like to bring with us to the 21st century.

Wall Sconces

For those who don’t know, wall sconces are lights usually fixed to the wall rather than the ceiling. Wall sconces are often perceived as stunning decorative art pieces because they have a degree of depth and dimension to them (which can be both functional and pleasing to the eye).

Club Chairs

With all those Palm Springs trips for Don, this chair is a must.

Even though these smoking chairs are often associated with traditional class and luxury, people still go mad for the sleek chrome legs and timeless fabrics.

Shag Rugs

Shag rugs were another great defining look of the 1960s. If long hair was popular, then why not the rugs?

Remember Don Draper’s apartment with his second wife? The white rug along with the grass cloth walls and the decorative pillows on the couch looked like a mod dream to me.

Plus, warm, high pile rugs would be just perfect for those living in cold regions.

#3. Charming Bedroom

Charming Bedroom

The different elements in the old Draper bedroom are what designers today are always trying to recreate. So, let’s take a look at some incredible bits that can pay homage to that clever Mad Men 60’s style.

Tufted Bed

The set decorator of the TV show claimed that Don and Betty’s headboard was “very sexual-looking.”

Copycat this voluptuous yet cozy bed version to add glamour to your bedroom.

Gold Bedding

The gold bed linens balanced the bedroom visually but I suspect Betty to be responsible for this special touch.

What more do you think should be incorporated to capture Mad Men’s interior design style?

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