Exterior Woodwork: Building Blocks To Be Chosen With Care

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Many of us do not pay attention to the choice of materials, types, styles of exterior joinery. We are only satisfied that it fulfills its primary function. However, the wrong choice of millwork can affect your comfort and safety at home. This article explains a little more about why it is essential to choose your exterior woodwork.

A Question of Performance

Exterior millwork is the exterior component of a home. They include doors, gates, windows, shutters, blinds and bay windows. They are mainly used for access. However, they play a much more critical role than allowing access to your home.

Did you know that openings cause 15% of heat loss in a home? This rate of heat loss can rise to 20% if the exterior woodwork chosen cannot maintain heat and filter air from the outside. Indeed, openings modify the comfort inside a house.

This is mainly due to the poor thermal performance of the exterior joinery. And this performance depends primarily on the quality of insulation of the material constituting the joinery in question.

We prefer wood or glass joinery because these materials have excellent resistance and thermal conductivity. More specifically, they can contain and redistribute heat. Hence the importance of choosing the suitable joinery material.

So, if you want to improve your comfort, we advise you to reinforce your house’s thermal and phonic insulation by choosing efficient joineries. This will also help you reduce your energy costs.

A Question of Security

In addition to the question of performance, exterior woodwork must protect the occupants and the house from break-ins and natural disasters (floods, storms, etc.). However, not all exterior millwork can fulfill this role.

The material used is partly responsible for its resistance. Indeed, some of them are not resistant to shocks and are easily accessible to burglars. However, the type of opening of each joinery must also be taken into account. For example, a sliding door would be less secure than a swinging door. The opening system of a sliding door is easy to unlock. In addition, it does not make any noise when it opens, and you may not be alerted in case of a break-in.

Nevertheless, you can constantly reinforce the locking of your exterior doors by doubling their lock. And here again, you must choose your lock carefully. It must be practical for you but reliable enough to ensure your security.

A Question of Aesthetics

Since it is a home component, exterior woodwork also plays an aesthetic role. In short, they either add or detract from the building’s charm. That’s why you should check the following aesthetic points before buying your exterior woodwork:

  • the materials used
  • the types of openings
  • the models of the joinery

In principle, the choice of these 3 points will depend in part on the style of the house. If, for example, your home is modern in style, you will have to choose original materials, innovative types of openings, and models of joinery with a futuristic design.

Are you having trouble choosing? A carpenter can advise you. He will tell you which models of joinery can meet your aesthetic requirements while ensuring your comfort and safety. Moreover, he can help you choose the location of the different openings.

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Who Can Install Exterior Millwork?

Although the installation of exterior woodwork does not require the intervention of a professional, it is always wiser to call upon one. Indeed, for joinery to ensure the insulation, safety, and aesthetic of the house, it must be firmly installed.

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