Architectural Panels: Modernity and Elegance

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You want to have exterior siding installed on your new construction to modernize it. However, you wonder whether investing in architectural panels will benefit you, given their relatively high cost.
Rest assured, choosing a suitable material for an exterior facade is essential for aesthetics and durability. With architectural panels, you will benefit from their longevity thanks to the nobility of the materials used.

Why should you opt for architectural panels?

Architectural panels, also known as insulated metal panels (IMP), offer users multiple benefits, including superior insulation and increased longevity.
This type of coating is very easy and quick to install thanks to its lightness, unlike other, more traditional coatings. That is why it has become trendy in the building construction industry.
In addition, thanks to intelligent and versatile state-of-the-art technology, the formability of architectural panels allow them to adapt to the shape of the building while maintaining design coherence.
From a profit perspective, these panels are the most cost-effective cladding solution, considering all the benefits they can bring to you while exceeding building code requirements.

Brief Description of Aluminum Composite Panel

For a few years, aluminum composite panels have been very present in our urban landscapes, covering many building facades.

Indeed, they have become highly appreciated by architects and facade installers because of the many advantages they bring. They are in fact, prefabricated panels made of two sheets of aluminum and a polyethylene core, complying with the strictest construction standards and ideal for modern buildings.
Moreover, they can be used very well in exterior and interior cladding.

What are the main advantages of aluminum composite panels?

Architectural panels of the aluminum composite type have many advantages for the cladding of buildings.

Durable and strong material

Aluminum is a rigid material that can last up to 40 years. This type of panel can very well be installed without worry on any kind of building. Moreover, it is also resistant to shocks and various lousy weather conditions, as well as salt and sand (trendy on the coast).

Aluminum composite panels form a particular layer of aluminum oxide when exposed to air. This layer protects the panels against rust and corrosion.
Moreover, it is also respectful of the environment, because the aluminum can be recycled at the end of its life.

Provides fire safety
In case you don’t already know, aluminum is a non-combustible material. Indeed, in case of fire, it does not burn and does not let the flames spread! However, it can melt if exposed to high temperatures over 600 degrees.

Very lightweight material that does not require much maintenance
Aluminum composite panels are very manageable, given their lightness, with 66% less than steel. Indeed, they can be installed and handled effortlessly, even on large surfaces.

They are also very stiff and waterproof. As such, they provide an excellent barrier against water infiltration. Despite this, for the good performance of your panels, consider installing them by exterior covering professionals, even if they are not part of the big companies, but of SME type companies.

Very aesthetic and economical coating
Aluminum composite panels are prevalent for design and contemporary buildings. Indeed, they make it possible to create both innovative and attractive buildings, being available in several colors and shapes (perforated, curved, pearly or shiny).

Moreover, in addition to the advantages mentioned above, these panels are an economical solution compared to other materials for facade cladding. Due to their lightness, their installation can be carried out in a single step, with a more advantageous labor cost.

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